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Ancient Greeks with Professor McGinty


Robins enjoyed a fantastic morning when they met Professor McGinty, the time travelling detective. He came to explain all about the Ancient Greeks and bought along lots of exciting artefacts including pots, coins, oil lamps, clay toys, armour, and even a lyre (made from a tortoise shell!).

Robins learnt about many aspects of entertainment, houses, transport, costume, gods, school and home life during this time period.

Professor McGinty imparted lots of facts and information in a really animated, lively and amusing way which all the children really enjoyed!


Pablo Picasso art


Over the last few weeks, Robins have been studying Pablo Picasso. First of all, they found out about all the artist and recorded facts.

Last week, the whole class drew a self portrait using pencil. Today everyone used collage to create abstract faces in the style of Picasso’s art.

It was great fun!

Greek detectives


Year 4 Robins received a request from Larry who is the nightwatchman at the museum!

He explained he had an important job and was in charge of the priceless Ancient Greek antiquities. However, there had been an accident… so he needed the class to help piece the pots back together!

In teams, Robins eagerly pieced the pots back together and discovered each one had a different picture on.
Next, the children had to consider what was happening in the picture and then explain what they thought this told us about Ancient Greeks. We discussed this is how historians and archaeologists find out about life in the past.

In their next lesson, Robins were able to use their computing skills and use the internet to research each different type of pot and find out what each one was used for.

Larry was really impressed with all their hard work – “Good job Robins!”

Expressing joy




Robins learnt about “expressing joy” in RE this week. To begin with, children shared type of things that made them happy which included:

Playing – with games, outside and on instruments
Seeing/visiting family – hugging and chatting
Receiving presents
Going on holiday, special trips and days out
Special events (Christmas / Birthdays)
Eating treats
Helping others
Going to school

They went on to discuss the difference between happiness and expressing joy. Mrs Parry shared her experience of watching the South African “LIV village” choir in the summer. Even though these children live through exceptionally difficult circumstances, Robins discovered they are able to express joy of their relationship with God in their singing. Robins learnt happiness is dependent on external events whereas joy is something that people of faith feel regardless of their circumstances because they have a faith.

Being thankful

Year 4 reflected upon being thankful for parents and carers during their RE lesson this week. As a follow up activity they either chose to write a letter or a prayer of thanks.

They discovered there were lots of reasons to be thankful, including both practical and emotional elements. These included being brought to school, having a home, shelter, space, food, clothes, toys, sweets and treats provided. The class said they were thankful for being loved and cared for when they are sad or poorly. Children also said they were thankful for time being given by parents ranging from just talking, hugging, sharing a story or go on an activity together.