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Robins test out free bikes

Pinder Singh
Pinder Singh

Year 4 were privileged to be the first pupils at Bells Farm to test out twenty one bikes, kindly donated to the school by Halfords. Equipped with new helmets, the children enjoyed riding around the field and one pupil managed to ride a bike for the very first time and received a huge round of applause from his classmates! The children had official press photographs taken, before going back to class to learn all about bike maintenance.

Much to their delight, the talk was given by Pinder Singh, a well-known BMX rider. He gave the children lots of advice and taught them how to tighten the brakes, pump up the tyres, repair punctures and alter the seat height. Before leaving, he kindly signed a few autographs for his star-struck fans! A huge thank you to Halfords for such a generous donation – all the children will have the opportunity to use these bikes within PE lessons.

Respect online

Today Year 4 have taken part in an e-Safety lesson addressing the “power of words” online. They watched a film clip scenario of a character being called names whist playing an online game.

They discussed how the character felt and compared calling people names on line to doing it in person (face to face). Year 4 learnt were taught what to do if they were ever in this situation and learnt a useful acronym S.T.O.P. (Step away, Tell a trusted adult, Okay sites first, Pause and think online). This lesson made the children consider how to treat others online.


Robins discussed the meaning of courage in today’s PSHE lesson and shared some personal situations of when they each felt they had/needed courage.

Such examples included, being brave to ride without stabilisers for the first time, abseiling, having an injection at the doctors, attempting a front flip on a trampoline and taking a ride on a big wheel!

Afterwards, Year 4 learnt about Anne Frank and Martin Luther King who are examples of people in history who had showed great courage.

Discussing courage

DSCF6872– “When I finally get my tooth taken out.”

Robins went outside this morning for circle time.

They started off by playing a game, where they had to change places with someone without talking to them. They had to make eye contact with the person they wished to change places with and nod at them.

They played another game that involved one person standing in the middle of the circle saying something that they are good at. Anyone who thought that they are also good at it changed places with them.
Fabian – I am a good goal keeper.
Sahara – I am good at English.
Elizabeth – I am good at maths.
Kian – I am good at parkour/freerunning.

Miss McClelland then asked what the value word is this month and what does it mean? Courage!

Nimca – To have courage to stand up for what you believe in.
Lola – Have the courage to say no if you don’t want to do something.


Then they were asked, if they could think of a time when they may have to show courage in the future?

Emily – I’m going to a new dance class and I’ve never danced in front of anyone else before.”
Elizabeth –“When my granddad has to go to hospital.”

Egg experiment results


After the week off school, Year 4 Robins were eager to examine the egg experiment results! They were not disappointed!

Willing volunteers with strong stomachs, took it in turn to smell, feel and examine the eggs that had either been in water, milk (unrefrigerated!), vinegar, coke, orange juice and blackcurrant squash.
The egg which had been in coke was dark brown in colour and had a build up on the egg shell which could be wiped off – imagine what damage it can do to teeth! Surprisingly, the sugar free blackcurrant squash had also damaged the shell and white, chalky bits were breaking off the surface. The egg in orange juice was also the smelliest! It was soft and rubbery like the egg in vinegar but had lots of orange shell flaking off. It looked like it was coated in soggy cornflakes!

The children recorded their results and findings and explained the reason milk and water caused the least damage to teeth was because they did not contain sugar or acid. Robins concluded they would be wise to stick to these drinks in the future to look after their teeth.