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Co-operative 5’s


Robins last Peacemakers session with Phil.

The first game we played was co-operative 5’s, where as a group we had to try not to let two people get out, these were Sky and Josh B. This worked really well as at the end Sky and Josh were still in. Great team work from the Robins!

Our activity this week was put a picture that had been cut into 4 back together. Each member of the class had one piece each. The object of the task was to hold up your piece of the picture and in silence get together with the other 4 people holding the rest of the picture and sit together, making up the picture and sitting together.

All the pictures were about the activities we have done over the term in our peacemaker’s sessions. We then discussed in our groups what we remembered about the pictures, then we had to present to the other groups what our pictures were about.

We remembered that the themes we have covered included: co-operation, conflict, feelings and negotiation.

Next Phil asked everyone to think of something they had learned this term from their Peacemaker sessions.


We played co-operative 5’s again this time the Robins had to try not to get Miss McClelland and Mrs Sargant out. This worked extremely well with everyone showing their team work skills.

On the magic carpet this week were Kian and Casey. This is what their class mates had to say about them: