Monthly Archives: October 2015

Attendance matters!


Well done Year 4 Robins for winning the attendance award for 5th October to 9th October. The class had the best attendance in the school 99.67% for the week.

As well as a certificate the Robins will be getting 15 minutes extra playtime one day this week.

Keep it up Robins – attendance matters!



Today’s Maths lesson was about quadrilaterals.

The class had a tangram with lots of shapes inside it. They cut them out to see how many different shapes they could make.

Casey – Square
Kyann – Square and rectangle
Josh B and Daneil – Square and rectangle
Elizabeth – large triangle and square
Fabian – Parallelogram
Josh T – Trapezium
Lewis G – Rectangle
Omari – Trapezium
Lola – Trapezium and 2 squares
Henry – Rectangle
Leo – Rectangle