Monthly Archives: July 2015

Enchanted Forest


On Tuesday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and the amazing school grounds to help inspire our Fairy Tale writing. We went out to the forest to explore and get some ideas for our descriptive writing of the setting of our stories. We worked in groups to identify a part of the forest to take a photo of. We printed these photos and used them to create mind maps in class. On Wednesday, we used these mind maps to help us write brilliantly imaginative descriptions to introduce our stories.

Super Science Monday


This Monday we enjoyed an excellent day filled with science, experimenting and bubbles!

We used the bubble mixture that our previous experiment had told us was best; 7:1 ratio of water and washing up liquid.

This week we looked at the effect of adding glycerine to the mixture. We found that the sticky substance made the bubbles last longer.

We watched a brilliant video where someone wore cotton gloves and was able to bounce a bubble into the air. We discovered that this was only possible with a glove as it stopped the dirt and oil from popping the bubble. Kaydon kindly let us borrow his gloves which proved more successful that the latex gloves.

We then watched some videos and found out why bubbles are spheres.

The Robins want to know if any of their blog readers know why bubbles are spherical…

After this we applied our scientific knowledge and wrote a report about what we had done. This included an introduction, list of equipment, method and conclusion.

After this, we had a race outside. Each team had a tray filled with water and fairy liquid. The first team to overflow their tray with bubbles won. The trick was each person only had a straw to create the bubbles.

The Clocktower


For the last part of Year 4, we will be looking at Fairy Tales in Literacy. This week we used the video from the FairyTale Shed as our inspiration.

After watching the video we worked on our imaginative description by describing the colourful setting as well as the setting when time stopped. We thought about the prequel to the video and wrote stories about how she ended up as the perpetual dancer.

This afternoon, we spent our art lesson scetching the setting. We made sure we didnt press hard with our pencil. Then we folder our paper into different sections and made some of the sections colourful using crayon and shaded others to be back and white.

Here are some of our almost finished end results: