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Roman Pottery


After a long, hard week filled with assessment, Year 4 had really earned their afternoon of art. Last week, we designed roman clay pots. Today we used air-dry clay to make them. We realised how important it is to warm the clay before hand and some of us also realised how quickly it dries in a hot classroom.

Miss Sloman demonstrated how to make a thumb pot and a coil pot. The end results look wonderful and will be painted with roman patterns next week.

Video: Musical talent!

This week Year 4 showcased their outstanding musical talent in their guitar assembly. After working hard with Mr Gill since September, the class performed five tunes brilliantly.

Mr Gill has taught the children about the parts of a guitar, how to hold it, how to play different tunes and eventually how to play tunes.

The Robins have shown excellent rhythm and musicality all year. Miss Sloman taught the class a song from ‘Matilda-The Muscial’ after learning about playscript’s in literacy when they looked at the show. The song is complicated and long but the class learned it quickly and did an excellent job performing in during the assembly.

Year 4 want to thank Mr Gill for his patience and hard work in teaching them guitar this year.

Roman Soldiers


To continue our theme of Roman Soldiers, we had a go at drawing and painting them this afternoon.

We also planned the design of the Roman clay pots that we will be making next week. We thought about hot to represent the 3D pot on the paper and decided to plan the base as a circle and the outside as a rectangle.

We are looking forward to making them next week and painting them the week after.



This afternoon in our History Topic lesson we considered what it would have been like to be a Roman Soldier. We learned the Latin words for drill and marching instructions. After a treasure hunt to find the English translations of each instruction, we went outside for drill practise.

First, we worked in pairs to give each other instructions. A special mention to Kai E and Dylan. Dylan was an excellent drill commander and Kai was able to follow the latin instructions perfectly and smartly.

After this, Miss Sloman ‘fell’ us into an organised squad. We marched as a group up and down the playground, following the instructions well. Poppy was a brilliant commander, giving loud and clear orders confidently.

We’re forever blowing bubbles…


This term, our science topic is ‘Investigating Bubbles’

To kick start our topic we planned and carried out an experiment to find out which concentration of fairy liquid and water made the ‘best bubbles’. We decided the best bubbles were the biggest bubbles but we also considered how long they lasted. We planned a fair experiment and in pairs we mixed a different ratio of fairy liquid and water. We then had a bubble wand made from a paper clip and had lots of fun blowing bubbles. As the weather was so beautiful, we decided to go outside.

When we returned, we had a vote and decided the best ratio is 7 parts water, 3 parts fairy liquid.

We were also lucky enough to have the help of Mr Johnson, our Chair of Governors join us for our bubble blowing afternoon.

Super Spellers


For the last few weeks of Year 4 we are having a real push on learning our spellings.

These are this weeks spelling super stars who all got at least 80%.

A special mention to the following children who got an amazing 100%:

Leah Mc

Keep up the good work everyone!

Game making using Kodu


Year 4 enjoyed their afternoon with Mr Baddhan today making games using Kodu.

They watched Mr Baddhan create a game, using a instructions and debugging the algorithms.

Year 4 created their world and then added hills and trees. They then inserted some apples for their Kodu to eat. They had to program their Kodu to move around the screen using the arrow keys on the keyboard and bump into the apples to make them vanish and add a score each time they were successful.

Marvelous Mosaics


This afternoon we had a brilliant time making our Roman Mosaics. We were so pleased to welcome some of our parents to our classroom to help us. We also had help from both Mrs Johnsons which was wonderful. Everyone had a lovely afternoon and the outcomes are excellent. We were impressed by how artistic many of our parents are and were glad of their help.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to join us. Once the coasters are dry, your child will be able to bring them home. If you are lucky, they may even make you a drink to put on it!