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House projects


Here are Year 4’s finished D&T projects. They’ve worked hard to plan and make houses for ‘A Street Through Time’, they had to incorporate an electrical circuit which you can see as camp fires and lights.

A special well done to Archie and Solomon for their excellent coliseum from the Roman period.

Video: EGGcellent Easter assembly!


Year 4 were EGGcellent in their class assembly on Wednesday Morning. Miss Sloman is very proud of how well they performed and remembered their lines. The whole school enjoyed listening to lots of Easter jokes, some of which were a little too cheesy.

Isabel played the role of the Clumsy Chicken amazingly! She knew all of her lines and many of the other lines too. She worked really hard to help make the performance a success. It was lovely to see all of the other animals in the story work together to make sure that she had a basket full of eggs to deliver to the farmer to avoid being ROASTED! Kai E, Charlie and Kaydon played the role of our Easter Bunnies confidently and kept the rest of the class in order.

The highlight of the assembly though had to be the performance of Pas de Qartre, Four Little Swans from Swan Lake. Everyone had a quick change and danced beautifully in their Tutu’s. A special well done to all of the boys who were excellent sports and had a wonderful sense of humour about it.

At the end of the assembly, Charles reminded us of the real reason behind Easter. He narrated a script that was written by Poppy, Mya and Sam. In class, we learned about the story of Easter. We discussed how Judas betrayed Jesus and even some of his closest disciples denied him when they were afraid. We read from a Children’s Bible together and learned about how Jesus was scared but also trusted God to lead him down the right path.

Overall, Year 4 have worked hard for a week on their performance and should be very proud of what they achieved.

Devious Division


This week in Year 4 we have been tackling the difficult and devious area of maths that is division. We did a lot of practical sharing using counters and were introduced to the method of chunking. Using both methods we were able to solve division problems, even those that had a remainder. Once we realised we could use our times tables to help us solve division, we were flying with it. Some of us even began to use the bus stop method!

Home Design


This week we have been working in our pairs to make our design technology projects look fantastic. We finished the paper mache and started to paint them. They are all beginning to take shape and we cannot wait to share the finished products with our parents next week during parents evening.



Year 4 Robins did a Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) lesson on friendship. They understood what it meant to be a good friend and the value of being kind, helpful and respectful. Furthermore, they also learnt that friends are caring and complimentary to each other. In their table groups they created a ‘rules for friendship’ poster to display around the class.

Easter Assembly

This afternoon Miss Sloman read us the story of Easter from a Children’s Bible. We listened to the Last Supper, The Garden of Gethsemane and The Cricifiction. We recounted the story in our books. After this, we discussed what we would like to include in our Easter assembly. Tomorrow, we hope to visit the newly hatched chicks in Nursery to help inspire us for our class assembly.

Our ideas included:
Last supper
Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus being crucified
Spring animals
Chocolate eggs
Easter bunny
Flowers growing

Robins parents and carers are invited to watch our class assembly on Wednesday 25th March at 9am.

Super Circuits

Today in PE we worked up a sweat and took part in circuit training. There were ten different stations that we had to spend 1 minute on. With a small rest in between to get our breath back, we were exhausted by the end of the lesson.

There were sit ups, press ups, planking, running, star jumps, skipping, step ups, hula hooping and squatting. For the activity, all of the robins earned a point on our Secrets of Success chart for ‘To push yourself’.

Visit from Kings Norton Firefighters

Emi demonstrated perfectly what to do if your clothing catches fire
Emi demonstrated what to do if your clothing catches fire

Today, we were lucky enough to have 5 members of the Kings Norton Fire Department visit us in class. They shared lots of interesting and life-saving information with us. To start with, we watched a video clip of a fire starting in a bedroom. We were astounded to see that in just 3 minutes the fire had taken over most of the room. After this, we learned the importance of smoke alarms.


Emi was a wonderful volunteer and demonstrated perfectly what to do if your clothing catches fire. The firefighters explained that we need to stop and drop to the ground. This stops the flames spreading up (as we learned heat rises). Then we learned that rolling helps put the flames out.

Escape routes
We also had a go on their interactive game at working out a safe escape route. The firefighters explained that it is important to close doors at night to help contain any fires that may start. If you come to a closed door when you hear a smoke alarm, it is important to feel it with the back of your hand. If it feels cold, it is safe to open. If it is hot, go to the window and shout for help.

Although the visit was just an hour long, we learned lots and hope this blog helps pass on the life-saving information.

World Book Day

Charles with his Minecraft costume
Charles with his Minecraft costume

In Year 4 today we had a huge variety of different characters who were welcome into the classroom by The Tin Man (Miss Sloman) and one of Mr Wonka’s Umpa Loompa’s. Well done to all of the children for their great costumes, especially to Kai M for his brilliant Mr Strong costume (Charles came in a close second with his wonderful Minecraft costume). For literacy, we wrote a character description for the character we came as, thinking about their looks, traits, feelings and then we wrote a summary of the story they are in.

We enjoyed time together sharing our class book, Time Hunters:Stone Age Rampage. Well done to Brianna who won the blurb writing competition.

We finished the day in assembly listening to each class recite their poem and performing ‘Oh the places you’ll go’. What a brilliant end to a wonderful week!

Outdoor Maths


This week our maths focus has been data handling and we have been developing our understanding of tally charts, pictograms and bar charts. This afternoon we went out side to investigate line graphs. We used chalk to draw the x and y axis. We learned that the x axis on the line graph often represents time. We drew a graph to show the height of the sun in the sky throughout the day. Then we individually drew graphs including happiness over time and hungriness over time. It was lots of fun and we were really glad that the sun had its hat on!