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Car Racing games


During Computing with Mr Baddhan, Robins class were tasked to create a car racing game using Scratch.

They were asked to make their racing track, insert a sprite (car) and then program the car to move up, down, left and right. Some fantastic games were made by the children.

The second part of the task was to add sound when the car has completed the game saying “well done”. Also add another voice, so when the car hits the grass, the car goes back to the beginning and sound saying “Ooops back to the beginning!”.

The children really enjoyed this lesson and really wanted to continue. Mr Baddhan was thoroughly impressed with the children’s understanding of Scratch and the key terms of programming.

Symphony Hall Trip


We were fortunate enough to watch a performance of live music at the world famous Symphony Hall. These was a great variety in the type of music we listened to included a choir, violin orchestra, jazz band and rock band. All of the performers were under the age of 25 many of them were still in Primary School. We were inspired by their musical talent and will work extra hard with out guitar lessons.

After the performance we were lucky enough to meet up with our pen pals. After some encouragement from our teachers we remembered that we aren’t shy and got to know out pen pals. We had a list of questions to ask them.


Etch-a-Sketch game

Paige has nearly completed her programming
Paige has nearly completed her programming
Mya debugging some of her code
Mya debugging some of her code

Year 4 continued their programming lessons with Mr Baddhan this afternoon, today creating an Etch-a-Sketch game.

They were told that they would use the repetition command a few times, and also sequencing.

The children were tasked to create their own background and the appropriate sprite. They then were asked to draw three shapes; square, rectangle and a triangle. Well done to Charlie, Kai M, Jimmy and Mya for completed two of the three shapes. However on Monday, they will have another opportunity to create a triangle using the “turn degrees” command, they need to work out what degrees the lines for an equilateral triangle are before attempting this.

Video: Programming a car park barrier


Robins class continued with their Scratch programming but this time involved some lego. The task was to design and build a lego car park barrier. Mr Baddhan showed the class a couple of examples of types of barrier, which work using programming in Scratch.

The brief was simple:
– Design and build a solid car park barrier using the lego
– Make sure the barrier opens 90 degrees up
– Program two keys in Scratch: One to open the barrier and another key to close the barrier
– Children can then use a proximity sensor so on detecting movement, the barrier will open for 5 seconds then close

Mr Baddhan was very impressed with how well the children conducted this task. The first group to complete a working barrier using Scratch were Paige, Leah and Isabelle. By pressing the ‘O’ key will lift the barrier and pressing the ‘P’ key will close the barrier. Here’s a video: