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Black History Month


As part of our learning for Black History month, today during our art lesson we used the iPads to research the life of Olouda Equiano. We learnt that he lived about 150 years ago and was taken into slavery as a child.

However, we found out that he was able to buy his freedom as he was taught to read and write. He married Susanna Cullen and wrote his autobiography.

Everyone was involved in excellent discussion about Black History Month and contributed in a brilliant way. It was excellent to hear how much the Robins already knew about this area of history as they wowed me with their knowledge on Nelson Mandella, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King.

We then searched some images that portray the life of Olouda Equiano and created some excellent pieces of art using pastels, paints and pencil.

​Swimming Superstars


Sadly, today was our last swimming lesson. All of the Robins have had a wonderful time at Tiverton swimming pool and have learnt so much. Every single Robin should be SO proud of what they have achieved over the past two week.

On Monday, each Robin will receive their certificate and if they achieved a distance badge will have the opportunity to buy one.

Have a look at the photos that we took when we got back to school and found out what Level we have achieved and whether we have a distance badge.


For the next two weeks the Robins will be focussing on poetry during literacy. Today we had a look at different poems and identified some poetic features including rhyming words and repetition.

Miss Sloman shared her favourite poem with us called ‘The Lion and Albert’ which is about ‘a famous seaside place called Blackpool, that’s noted for fresh air and fun’. We watched a performance of the poem on YouTube.

This is one of the poems we read:


We thought about the poem and recognised that it was about how you would feel if your best friend moved away.

Some of us read the poem to the class and changed the name Hanna to our best friends name.

Watch this space as we will be creating our own poetry to write and perform.

Robins go swimming!


Over the past week we have morphed from land loving Robins into water loving fish.

We have been lucky enough to have swimming lessons every afternoon all week, which will continue next week.

Every single person has made progress which makes it difficult to choose who to highlight in our blog.

However, Miss Sloman and Mrs Pullin are especially proud of Ellie, Emi, Kai. M, Jimmy, Ramla, Mackenzie, Paige, Kai. E, Bethany and Poppy. These children began the week in Level One and have already progressed to being able to swim without arm bands! Everyone is so proud of you! Well done!

Charles and Phoebe
Charles and Phoebe

In other watery news, Phoebe has dazzled us from day one as she appears to grow flippers in the water and swim like a fish! We are so excited to see how much more progress you will make.

Another excellent improved is Charles who started in Level 1 and progressed very quickly to swimming without arm bands and is now in the top group. Everyone in the group did exceptionally well today and Miss Sloman really enjoyed watching you swim through the hoops under water and diver to pick up the objects.

Watch out for our swimming blog next friday to see what certificates we achieve.