Monthly Archives: June 2014

Traffic Survey

This week Year 4 began the week by conducting a traffic survey, as part of our Maths topic. We went down to Bells Lane and counted the numbers of different kinds of vehicles passing along at two different times of day. We then compared the data and used them to complete bar charts showing our results.

This week is World Cup Week across the school. As part of it Year 4 looked at the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. We created different kinds of pictures in his very colourful style – some of which were entered into the school world cup competition!

Roman inventions

This week Year 4 have been doing lots of different things.

The highlights of our week have been the climax of our Romans topic, and our Peer Mediation afternoon.

The climax of our Romans topic has been investigating the question ‘What have the Romans ever done for us?’

We looked at all the different things and inventions the Romans brought to Britain. We then had to decide which things and inventions we thought were the most significant.

We decided the most important things the Romans thought was….water! Why? drop into our blog next week to find out…

Our other highlight has been peer mediation.

We have learned with Wendy, a peer mediation trainer, different ways to help ourselves and others deal with conflict. We can then help other children to deal with times when we might fall out or need support from someone.

Roman food

This week Year 4 have looked at the different kinds of food the Romans liked to eat. It seems the Romans liked to show off and ate things such as….peacock brains, sow’s udders and even live parrots!

We also looked at some of the more ordinary food they liked – so we decided to make some.
Did you realise the Roman’s ate beefburgers, pizzas and porridge? True!

On Thursday we decided to try and make them, and put in some real Roman ingredients such as honey, olives, pine nuts… .and fish sauce!