Monthly Archives: March 2014

Learning about Spain

Year 4 has begun their new topic – Spain!

We found out some facts about the country, and how to find it on a map of Europe.

As well as learning about the country, we have also begun to learn a little about the language, and began by learning how to greet each other.

In Literacy we started reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have learned that Ted Hughes likes to use onomatopoeia, repetition and alliteration in his writing, and we used some of it to help write our own Iron Man stories.

In Maths we started our new topic of Data Handling, and looked at how to set up, use and interpret tally charts, frequency chart and bar charts. We also completed a pictogram about how many hours we spent doing different things each day.

In Science we investigated which materials would be the best at keeping water warm and insulated. In the pictures you can see the different materials we used and how we measured the temperature throughout the afternoon. See our investigation pictures in the gallery below.