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Numbers to 20

This week, Robins have been revising their French knowledge. So far, we have revisited how to greet people in French, how to say our names and how to inform people how tall we are. This week, we have focused on our numbers to 20. The children are becoming super confident in speaking in French.


Look at our wonderful French!  Last week, Madame Jordan came into school to celebrate ‘French Day’. The children dressed up in red, white and blue, and had so much fun celebrating – singing songs and learning tongue twisters. We even had our own little Frenchman…complete with a string of garlic! Ask them to share what they’ve learnt with you.


joyeuses Pâques

Fabulous French

The children were quick to start the lesson with the date today!
Nous somes jeudi le 29 septmbre.
Then it was on to the calendar and all the months of the year- recapping and adding major events in some of them.
Good pronunciation Robins. They showed good listening skills, copying madam jordan’s accent and picking up the intonation.
There are so many differences in French. When we write or say the date you say the date/number before the month.
Have a look at some of our work on calendars.
Robins even looked at a popular children’s book…but in French. This really helped with remembering their days of the week, numbers and fruits. Can you guess what book it is…
Le lundi elle croque dans une pomme.
Mais elle a encore faim.
Le mardi elle croque dans deux poires.
le mercredi elle croque dans trois prunes.
Le jeudi elle croque dans quatre fraises.
Le vendredi elle crque dans cinq oranges.
…….can you think of the book this comes from?