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Presentations on the Earth’s layers

After learning about the Earth’s layers, year 4 were given the task to become an expert on just one of the layers. They spent time with a partner researching on the internet and created a presentation to share with the rest of the class.

The following day the children then presented to their peers. During this time the children were learning about all of the different layers from each other.

Making the Earth

This afternoon Year 4 have been introduced to their new geography topic – Earth in Action. Today we spent some time learning the layers of the Earth and creating a model to show this using play-doh. The children then labelled their model correctly to show the different layers.

Here is what some of the children thought of the lesson:

Melissa – it was fun making the model and we learnt at the same time.
Kezi – it was exciting to see how the Earth was made using the play-doh ourselves to make it.
Chandler – it was fun and interesting
Brooke – the lesson was very artistic

Physical / human geography

In Geography, Year 4 have started to look at the two terms physical geography and human geography. We have started off by looking at what these two terms are and the difference between the two. The children now know that human features are man-made and physical features are naturally there.

The children had lots of different pictures of places in the UK and had to decide whether they were physical features or human features.

Virtual expedition

Besides enjoying an interesting trip to the Sikh temple this morning, Robins have “virtually” travelled around the world this afternoon. The children were truly amazed to visit the Seven Wonders of the World, the Egyptian pyramids and Sphinx, the ocean and outer space. Using special visual equipment provided by Google, children were able to look around all these places in 360 degree format. This was such a fantastic experience!

Compasses and directions

Robins enjoyed learning more about compasses and directions in their Topic lesson.

Children took part in practical tasks to become compasses making turns and directions to face the correct way. Some critical thinkers soon realised they needed to apply their mathematical skills as they discovered questions including “anti-clockwise, clockwise, quarter, half and three quarter turns.”

Children then completed compass directions to find their way around town landmarks on a map.

The United Kingdom


During our Geography lesson we looked at a map of the British Isles. Each of us were given a label with the name of a different country, city or place.

We used the atlases to locate these places so that we could add the labels to a map that will now go on display in our classroom. The hot topic of the Scottish vote to become an Independent country and we wondered whether if the vote is a ‘yes’, will Hardiens Wall be rebuilt?

The Robins are looking forward to finding out the result of the vote on Friday and continuing on their learning journey about the United Kingdom.