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Number Lines

Robins recently have been working very hard on their maths looking at number lines and how we can use them.
Below is a video that recaps the learning.

Aut4.1.3 – Number line to 1000 from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

Here are some challenges for you to try at home

We have also used Mathletics to deepen our understanding of place value.

Robins have a target to use Mathletics at home for ten to fifteen minutes each week.
Don’t forget you can access Mathletics at and if you have lost or forgotten your login just let Mr Lo or Mr Baddhan know!


White Rose Lessons
Please visit the WhiteRose website link below. It gives you a video explaining the maths and then questions based on it – just like we would do in class.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer to print off the worksheets, click ‘Get the Activity’ and the worksheet will open on the screen. You can then talk to an adult in the family, explaining the answers to them. (I’ve had to do that with my children as our printer isn’t working)

One lesson a day is enough to keep you going and revisiting your learning each day helps you to remember things more easily in the long run.

Once you have done the questions, you can then check the answers by clicking on ‘Get the Answers’.

Number Facts: x6 and x7 tables
It is great to see that you have been accessing Mathletics and TTRockstars. Regular practice and learning key number facts is very important. Please keep up with your times tables practice and focus just on particular ones, you can use the interactive quiz on:

Go to their Online Times Tables Test and select how many questions you want to do, the 6 and 7 boxes (so you only get those tables) and start the test.

It shows you if you get the question correct (it turns green) and shows you the correct answer if you get one wrong.

I look forward to hearing how you all get on with your maths!

Partitioning of numbers

Year 4 got stuck into their partitioning of numbers this morning. It was lovely to see their growth in confidence with explaining reasoning.

Well done year 4. Keep the confidence up and the questioning. We are also ensuring we start our sentences with “I agree/disagree with ——- because… “

Our questioning of each other and our own ideas is getting better and better.


Year 4 have been focusing on area in mathematics and today they started to draw their own shapes that needed to have a particular area. The children all did extremely well with this and Demi had a very clever technique to make sure she was drawing a shape with the right area.

Demi decided she would count the squares for her shape using dots and then she would draw around the dots to make the shape complete! Demi was then very helpful to her peers and shared her ways of doing the work with those who were struggling. Well done Demi!

Dividing with remainders

Year 4 are currently focusing on dividing with remainders in Maths. The children have all been working super hard to get this right. We are currently looking at sharing our number into equal groups and seeing how many we have remaining. Huey decided he would add a remainders column to his jottings so that he wouldn’t and couldn’t forget how many there were remaining. What a good idea!

Creating shapes in Hopscotch

During Computing with Mr Baddhan today, Robins used an iPad app called Hopscotch, where they learned how to program characters to perform an action using instruction blocks.

The app allows children to insert various programming blocks including motion, drawing and repetition.

Mr Baddhan asked the children to build a code to create three shapes; a square, rectangle and a triangle.

The triangle was the most challenging shapre to create however some of the children guessed the angle required for a triangle was 120 degrees repeated three times.