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Geometry: Turns and Angles

Rocking Robins worked well on their knowledge of Bar Charts and Line graph last week, Well done!

Now we’re learning about Geometry.

On Monday our learning objective was to recognise angles as a property of shape or a description of a turn.


To help us understand Quarter Turn, Half Turn and a Full Turn, Mr Lo played a game. We had to actively listen to the instructions and turn correctly.


Mr Lo then showed us the relationship between turn’s and fractions.

and finally we played a game where we had to unlock the doors to stop the explosion! Click here to play it. 


Extension:  Take a look at the following websites to help you review your learning.  Lesson 1 – a simple illustration to show how many quarter turns in a whole turn. Lesson 1 – this will introduce children to vocabulary and how to give instructions for the practical task. -Lesson 2 – A useful right angle challenge to stretch and challenge.  Lesson 5 – A simple guide to review symmetry and introduce vertical and horizontal lines of symmetry.

Manipulatives in Maths

It’s computing week in year 4. Robins have been learning all about how digital Manipulatives can help them with their maths.


Below is the coin tool we used.


Click here to access more manipulatives. 

Interactive Clocks

Today, Robins reviewed how to tell the time on an analogue clock.

To help them with this, they used an online interactive clock.

Why not have a go below! Can you work out , O’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to?

Extension: Click here for BBC Bitesize : Telling the Time

Having trouble identifying quarter to on an analogue clock? Click here for a virtual review lesson. 

Investigations in Maths!

This term we’ve all be on ‘fire’ with our maths in year 4.

Robins have been working really hard understanding all about perimeter and area as well as tackling reasoning and word problems.

Look at our excellent concentration and working with others!


Funky Fractions and Decimals

Over the past few days Robins have been recapping their knowledge of fractions, having a lot of fun exploring the link between fractions and multiplication/division and learning new knowledge on numbers with up to two decimal places.

Take a look at some of their findings!

Moreover, Scarlet and Millie have been working really hard  grasping all the concepts we have been learning  on decimals. Well done!


This week we also have had several Mathstronaughts earning their place on the whole school league table.
Well done Dylan, Amaya, Zach, Blessed, Lexi, Paige, Ryan and Jacinta!

and during election day we monitored our TT-Rockstar points. Well done to Dylan, Blessed and Ava scoring the top three points!


and… well done to Ibrahim and Jacinta. Both have improved their overall recall speeds. Jacinta is now achieving a recall speed (studio speed ) of 0.93 seconds a question!


Don’t forget to regularly log onto Maths Shed, TT-Rockstars and Purple Mash to support your Maths learning!

Extension Activities:

Have you tried the tetris fraction wall game on Purple Mash?!

BBC Bitesize –  Fractions

BBC Bitesize – Decimals 

Dad’s Worksheets on Fractions