My skills

In PSHE in Year4 we have previously talked about what makes us unique and our communities.   Below we have Anren showing us his skills in skating! Amazing work !

We also have Sam with his amazing BMX skills!


This week Robins have been recapping their knowledge of geometry.

We have looked at quadrilaterals, triangles, polygons, and lines of symmetry.

Mr Lo showed us how we can review our knowledge using the tools on PurpleMash!

Physical Computing

Today Robins had to have the right mindset using all their computational thinking skills to explore the use of setting up a crumble kit to be programmed as disco lights. For those of you who don’t know, A Crumble is an electronics controller that connects to a computer using a USB cable. You can attach components like LEDs, buttons, and motors to the Crumble using crocodile leads, and you can program your Crumble using free software)

Active Maths: Angles and Turns

Today we did Maths in the hall. We made use of the space to recap our knowledge on 1/4 turns , 1/2 turns, clockwise and anti-clockwise.

We then worked in pairs to demonstrate our knowledge of turns. Mr Lo then asked us to discover angles on the floor and the type of angles we could see. Some of us said they were 90-degree angles, others said they were right-angles. Well done!

Finally we combined computing and maths. We were human beebots trying to follow the tracks on the floor!

Copyright & Ownership

This week we recapped the importance of understanding copyright and who owns content.

We then also explored the use of Pixabay to search for royalty-free images that are free to use.

We demonstrated we had the skills to select the correct software and the right knowledge to create a poster using copyright free images.