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Share and tell – circle time

During circle time Max shared a letter he wrote about the importance of the environment.(persuasive letter) He also shared a poster (Information text).  Both have made use of skills learnt in English.




As Part of PHSE and circle time- Mr Lo gave Robins a challenge to prove they could work together. Many thought it would be easy but found it more difficult.  The task was to think of a move in your group and then perform the move in-sync with the others in your group. This presented many challenges including

  1. What to do when you all come up with different moves?
  2. Who should we follow? Can we follow them? How can we ensure our move is also synchronised to the music?
  3. Can we work together to synchronise without conflict?

Take a sneak peak below!


Not to my taste!

In PHSE we discussed how we are all connected.

Firstly, we talked to our partners to find out similarities. Then we talked about respecting differences.

Next, we talked about the importance of tolerating differences. Mr Lo also showed how we should respect different opinions and how to politely express something you don’t like. In the activity we explored food from around the world and then commented on it.

Finally, we explored how technology helps us all stay connected.


Kindness Challenge.

In circle-time Robins shared kindness challenges they could do.

Kindness Challenge

  • Give an adult you like a hug.
  • Complement each other.
  • Help around with chores.
  • Have a go at playing with people you don’t normally play with.
  • Help with cooking, make your own breakfast.
  • Write a poem about the person you like. (E.g Parents)
  • Donate to charity.
  • Volunteer – e.g go to a place of worship to talk to the elderly.
  • Walk and talk.
  • Read aloud to siblings. Play with siblings.
  • Love your neighbours as you would your friends and family.