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Understanding Tone in Art

In Art this afternoon, the Robins were exploring sketching pencils. We looked at the different names of the pencils and what they mean and what we would use them for. Then we experimented with the different pencils in our sketch books. We compared the H and B pencils and what was different about them.

As an extension activity Mr Lo showed Robins how to write volcano (known as a fire mountain) in Chinese. Volcano in Chinese is made up of the Chinese characters for Fire and Mountain.  Can you see how the Chinese characters are pictograms?


This half term in Science we are looking at classifying living things and understanding their habitats.

Our first lesson recapped prior knowledge on habitats. Habitats are the environment which plants and animals live. Some species of plant and animal are able to live in multiple habitats, while others have adapted so that they can only live in one type of habitat.

Want to find out more? As a family, enjoy this TV documentary about habitats!

Online Privacy – GDPR

In online safety we reminding ourselves of the importance of understanding what is our personal information.

We also talked about what are internet cookies and also the digital age of consent. Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are used to store information about your visit, such as your preferred language and other settings. Cookies can also be used to track your online activity, such as the websites you visit and the ads you click on. In the UK and mainland Europe, the digital age of consent is 13.

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Easter Story

Today in RE Year 4 looked at the Easter Story. Christians believe that Jesus was put on the cross for a reason, and was resurrected and sent to heaven. The children ordered the story and discussed how some key people would have felt through it, which linked to last week’s work on responding to suffering.

They decided that
Mary (mother) would have felt sympathy
Jewish leaders would have felt pleasure
Roman soldiers would have felt indifferent
Disciples would have felt empathy

These feelings are very natural when something happens and depending on who that person is, you may feel differently.

Have a look at some of their work.

D&T Flatbreads

Over this half term Robins have been through the D&T Development Process.

Today, Robins developed their D&T Cookery Skill and then evaluated what they had made.

Below is a summary of the skills everyone has developed.

Learning to turn on and off the hobs

To make the flatbread they followed the main instructions and then finally tailored it to meet the needs of their flatbread.

Take a look at Robins in action below! (Well done to those of you who helped wash up!)

In the afternoon, we also enjoyed tasting and evaluating.