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December is a time for thoughtfulness

   A Friend In Need is a Friend Indeed. 



Be thoughtful, what you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.
Confucius ( 551 B.C. – 479 B.C.)


Yusuf Ali: For those who believe and work righteous deeds, there will be Gardens of Bliss,-

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
The “Golden Rule” of Leviticus 19:18 was quoted by Jesus of Nazareth (Matthew 7:12; see also Luke 6:31) and described by him as the second great commandment.

Regardless of your faith or beliefs, in the UK, December is a time when people  do good for one another. Our value for the month is thoughtfulness. Ava and Kenzie our super journalists decided they would investigate Robins views on the importance of thoughtfulness. They recorded the notes all by themselves and below are some of the highlights.


New child in Year 4

Year 4 welcomed a new member into the class this morning. It was lovely to see how the children have already grown in confidence as they introduced themselves and told Remus what they enjoyed to do at home and at school.

We hope our new member settles in and enjoys our happy environment.

Welcome to Remus.

A very warm welcome to Year 4

Everyone looked super smart this morning and eager to get into the joys of the new year.

We started our day with Circle Time and thinking about what we are good at. We certainly are a talented bunch and have a lot to bring to Year 4. Some of the things we are great at are: Maths, writing stories, dancing and being creative. Not to mention some of us are great friends, like helping others with their work and kind.

The children have begun as they mean to go on, showing great behaviours for learning. Well done Year 4, Mr Johnston and Mrs Sabir are really looking forward to the year ahead.


In Year 4 we decided that we should have a circle time around friendship. We started off discussing what a friend is and how friends should treat each other. After hearing many lovely answers we then moved on to discussing how friends should not behave towards each other. Many different things were bought up and as a class we agreed with most things that were mentioned. Friendship is something we are working really hard on in Year 4 at the moment and the children have shown that they know how important it is to be a good friend and treat friends in the right way.

Mixtures and Separation

Year 4 have started off their new Science topic which is Geology, Mixtures and Separation. They started off the lesson discussing what they already knew and what they would like to learn during the unit of learning.

Then they looked at mixtures and what these are. Miss Edwards passed around a jar of sweets and the children discussed what it was they could see in there and how the sweets could be sorted. From the lesson the pupils found that a mixture is when two or more substances are mixed together and can usually be separated back to their original form and a solution is when they can’t be separated back.

Discussing courage and the Grenfell Tower fire

Our value word this month is courage.

Robins watched the official video and song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which has been produced by Simon Cowell and famous pop stars, to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower.

The children had all heard about the fire on the news and were asked who showed courage (our value word for June) in this terrible tragedy.

Robins thought about other qualities and values that people had shown because they had donated lots of clothes and toys to the survivors who had nothing left at all.

These included caring, love, friendship and hope.