Staying the same or time for a change?

In PSHE we had various discussions.

1.What things do we do the same every day?

Responses included:

Make friends
Brush teeth
Go to bed
Wash hands
Get dressed
Wash face

2. Why do we do the same things every day?

They are fun to do
Essential to life
If you don’t get dressed, how can you go to school?
Clean away germs
Good hygiene
Don’t want to be lazy
Get into routine

3.What would it be like if the World stayed the same?
Everyone will be like you
Feel hollow
Nothing to do

No new things (buildings, toys, food, music, etc)
No learning at school

4.What do the following words make you think of?
Variety- choice of food and drink, lots of things to do, options
Freshness- new, clear, clean, good hygiene
Challenge- learn new things, facing something hard
Opportunity- to correct something, try something new

Discovering Nature at the Lickey Hills

Relaxing and learning in peaceful harmony

Today we enjoyed our class trip to the Lickey Hills.  We were all explorers in discovering the range of flora and fauna.

Firstly, we immediately spotted conifer trees , pine cones and a range of ferns.  Alexie quickly spotted some living ants too!

Cofton Hill

At Cofton Hill and Billberry Hill we noticed some Heathlands covered with ferns, Heather and Billbery. We read about how they were important for living habitats.  Alexie was very observant and wrote down many notes.

We were also lucky enough to talk to a park ranger who told us lots of interesting facts. Did you know heathlands comes from the word heather?

We learnt that Billberry Hill has it’s name from the Billberry plants found on the heathlands.  They are a British version of blueberries.


Max showed off his excellent map skills and told us all exactly where we were!

We then observed how most of the trees were not in line. This suggested it was a natural ancient woodland. We then looked towards the south and noticed the trees looked the same and were in order. These trees were planted as part of a restoration project.



Throughout the walk we paid attention to the different trees and how to identify them.

Viewpoint at Bilberry Hill

We were also lucky enough to find out lots of key facts about the Heathlands.

Enjoying the view at Bilberry Hill

We learnt about a special endangered plant that has been discovered here at the Lickey Hills called “Cow Wheat” . This plant is crucial for the survival of certain butterfly species.

We also learnt diverse ways plants can spread their seeds. Can you remember?


Walking through the ferns, getting close to nature!

Searching for deciduous trees

Of course after our discoveries we were invited to share our findings. Great work Robins


We also learnt and enjoyed a lot more, let’s share our thoughts in the comments!


Have a look at all the extra pics we took below!


and… we did get to play on the play area for a short while too!

Geometry – Shapes and Angles

Year 4 have now begun their topic of Shapes and Angles.

Watch the video below to review the learning on angles and turns.

Sum4.8.1 – Turns and angles from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.

At home you could play a game. Give an adult instruction to make a quarter turn, half turn and three quarter turn. Are they moving in the right direction?




Look at Andrew, Sammy, Firas and Daisy C exploring shapes and patterns.

Gold for Robins!

Year 4 Golf Team receive gold medals in Kings Heath Sports Partnership Golf Competition 

On Tuesday 21st June 2022, we took part in the Y4 Kings Heath Sports Partnership Golf Competition. We played from 9.30 to 11.15am – participating in 2 types of competition.

We had a great time and learned some new techniques. Mr Gill was very pleased with our performance and sportsmanship and we were awarded gold medals for our participation in the event.


illustrations for poetry.

This afternoon, Robins were illustrators. We were painting and drawing images inspired by our class reader The Promise. We looked at the illustrations in the book, the colours used, the techniques and style. We noticed how they changed throughout the book, from grey, black and brown to green and much more vibrant.

We planned what we wanted to draw this morning and then this afternoon, used sketching pencils, water colours and wax crayons. We will use the images as the background for our city poems.

中国舞蹈 Chinese Dance

There are many benefits to dance, it promotes qualities of confidence, poise and self esteem.

Robins for the first time were introduced to a Chinese inspired dance.

Have a look at our final dance below.  Did we move like the spring wind, embracing the beautiful flowers in the Garden of Happiness?

豫园 “Garden of Happiness”  Shanghai, China

We all worked hard to be creative, work together and persevere. Have a look at the fun we had below.