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Analysing Pottery

Did you know Ancient Greek art was an important part of the lives of the people.
Vase painting was important, and the pots would normally feature paintings of people or figures.
Vases were part of a way that the Ancient Greeks made money and artists would sell and trade vases to make a living.

Continuing with our learning about the Ancient Greeks. Robins have looked at the Ancient Greeks timeline and have been looking at images off artefacts to develop knowledge and understanding of Ancient Greece through historical enquiry.

By looking closely at Vases, Robins have been able to infer information from artefacts about what life was like in Ancient Greece.

For those of you who were not able to join us in this lesson, below is a summary of what we have discussed.

Have you had a chance to look at any more images of Greek Pottery? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Claudius the Roman emperor

After Claudius left he assigned a general to lead the army. The Romans found the Isemi tribe camp and whipped the leader with horrible insults. They took people for the army and stole from them. Boudicca (the Isemi tribe leader) wanted revenge so she went around Britain with 100000 army members and the Romans had 10000 so Boudicca thought she would’ve won the battle between them and the romans. When the time came the romans won by killing 80000 members of the tribe and only 400 from the roman army after that there were no more Britain invasions.

3 Facts
This all happened in 1 years time.
Boudicca was believed to have poisoned herself to evade capture.
The battle took place in the West Midlands.

By Callum F and Nashe

Local history

This afternoon, year 4 spent some time looking at photos from the past of the local area. The children really seemed to enjoy looking at these and were straight away making comparisons to what it is like now.

We then had a discussion starting with what we saw in the photos, before moving on to how things have changed. The children spoke lots about how they think the local area looks a lot neater now than it did before and seems to be more looked after.

Local History

Year 4 have started to look at the history of the local area. We have started off the week looking at names of the local area and where these names originally came from. We discussed Bells Farm, Druids Heath and The Maypole and even looked at pictures of these places from the past! The children’s job was to compare these photos to what the places are like now. The children found this lesson very interesting and can’t wait to find out more!

Ancient Greece

Year 4 Robins started their Humanities topic on Ancient Greece today.

They wrote down what they already know and then put down some questions they would like answered by the end of the topic.

It will be interesting to find out answers to these as well as all the others.

Well done Robins.

Lunt Roman Fort trip

Robins have enjoyed being Roman soldiers today, as they marched around Lunt, the archaeological Roman Fort in Coventry.

Upon arrival, they were greeted by Frances who demanded a password to see whether we were friends or enemies. All the class practised soldier drills and learnt marching techniques and vocabulary.

Next everyone put on tunicas and were taught how to use a gladius and shield correctly. After that, the children marched to the gyrus to brush up on their army formation, using shields as a barrier to defend enemies. This is the only known gyrus in the Roman Empire so we were very privileged to see and stand in it! Once the children had perfected their technique, they were taken by surprise and attached by the enemy (Mrs Parry, Mrs Sargant and Miss Sargant), whom they surrounded… until they surrendered! As the children had been so well behaved, they were allowed to battle in pairs!

We were lucky with the weather and all enjoyed eating our lunch outside in the sunshine!

After lunch, Robins marched outside the fort to become Celts. They discovered how Romans designed the fort with an “ankle breaker” ditch and scattered caltrops in the grass.

Everyone was excited to go up the stairs to see the view that the Romans had from the fort. We heard all about Boudicca and her revolt.

We visited the site of the barracks where soldiers lived and heard how they slept in bunk beds, and all washed and went to the toilet together! We also saw what Romans used instead of toilet paper (which was also shared!)

Finally, the children went up into the granary to learn about the armour that soldiers wore. Shayla and Christos dressed up in full costume!

Everyone really enjoyed the day and absorbed lots of new information by being immersed in a full Roman experience. There was plenty of active listening and concentration!

Frances the leader, was extremely impressed with the behaviour so well done to Robins who were a real credit to Bells Farm school.