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Roman Research

We have now started our new topic; Ancient Romans and the Empire.

Our first lesson included using atlases to recap our knowledge of European countries and their location.

With us all showing curiosity , we then carried out our own research to find out facts about the Romans.

It’s all Greek to me!

In History this week, we learnt about daily life at school.

Part of the lesson included looking at the Greek alphabet with the names of the letters and how they are pronounced. Robins identify which letters are the same as we use today and which are different. Many of us immediately spotted how alpha + beta is the origin of the word “alphabet”

We also looked at Ancient Greek prefixes and suffixes and found that many English words today actually originate from the Ancient Greeks!

Finally we had a go at writing in Greek.


After the Romans invaded Britain, it was generally peaceful and prosperous and many Britons actually welcomed life under the Romans as they offered protection against other tribes and they could join the army. Most Celtic tribes had surrendered but the Iceni Tribe were allowed to remain – under the rule of King Prasutagus and Queen Boudicca.

Today, Robins learnt about Boudicca and imagined how Boudicca felt when Marcus told her the Romans would be seizing all her land and turning her out of her house.


They also had a go at reading a script and performing it. Below is a glimpse of them practising the reading of the script.



P.S Did you know? Archaeologists believe Iceni monarch who battled Romans may be buried beneath McDonald’s restaurant in Birmingham Kings Norton!!


Extension: Click here to learn more about Boudicca and why she revolted against the Romans.  

Immerse yourself in Roman History!

Year 4’s visit from the History Man.


Children had the opportunity to dress up as soldiers and gladiators.
Children participated in a mock battle. Romans vs Barbarians. They practiced the tortoise (testudo) formation.
Shown a map of the Roman Empire.
Shown a model of a typical roman settlement.
Had a go at playing some Roman games.
Experienced writing in Latin.
Learnt about the Roman day. Summer 1hr = 1hr 15mins. Winter 1hr = 45mins.
Weapons. Gladius- metal fighting sword. Rudius- wooden practice sword.
Examined Roman pottery.
Robins, What did you enjoy learning about the most?

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Today we learnt about the gods and goddesses. Mr Lo gave some background on their importance to the Greeks who were very religious.

Robins in groups and pairs then had  to read and discuss 1 of the Gods  and report back to the class.  Below are some facts about the Gods read out by Andrew (telling us about Apollo), Sammy  (Hades), Firas (Zeus), Debra (Artemis) and Daisy (Athene) .

Some also made their own symbols to represent the different Gods.


Click here to learn even more about the Greek Gods 

Ancient Greek Artefacts

History – 9.11.21

Yesterday, the Robins in year 4 were learning about Ancient Greek artefacts in History. We looked at replica artefacts and photographs of real artefacts and discussed what we could see. Some children wrote sentences about images of Ancient Greek artefacts and some children matched sentences with images.



Watch the video below to find out more about Greek Vases.