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D&T Flat Breads

Robins finished their D&T project…making Greek flatbreads. They weighed and mixed their own ingredients, and kneaded their mixture. The children had a go at making a variety of shapes, and some added garlic salt and chillies. All the children got to taste their creations…you should ask them to make some at home for tea!

Lean on me

Year 4 have been looking at Lean On Me by Bill Withers in their music lessons. They have loved this genre of music, and were able to learn to play along with the track, as well as learning the lyrics. Have a listen to their excellent glockenspiel skills.

Repetition in Programming

In computing Robins create designs for an animation of the letters in their names. The animation uses repetition to change the costume (appearance) of the sprite. The letter sprites will all animate together when the event block (green flag) is clicked.

Robins did an excellent job. Have a look at some wonderful creations!


Rap Composition

Our music topic this half term, has been STOP! A song written around the importance of putting a stop to bullying. The children listened to many songs related to rap and even had a go at producing their own. I’m sure you’ll agree, we have some budding rap artists in our midst!

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, Robins took part in Safer Internet Day. We watched a video on the importance of being kind online, and then we chatted about being aware of age restrictions on social media. The children were extremely knowledgeable about which games and sites they are allowed on. We also learnt the Safer Internet poem to sing with the digital ambassadors in assembly.

Conductors and Insulators

This week’s lesson in Science involved learning about conductors and insulators. The children were given electrical equipment and lots of different materials and were told to predict and test for which materials were good conductors and which were not. They found that materials such as metal drink cans and foil made excellent conductors.