Paired Reading

Today, we worked in pairs to read our new class reader, Varjak Paw.

Final art pieces

The Robins have been learning about Pablo Picasso in their Art lessons. We have looked at the different periods in which his paintings went through; blue period, Cubism, African period and the rose period.

This morning, the Robins were creating their final piece. They had chosen one of the periods to take their inspiration from, used the work they had previously done in their sketch books to paint either a self-portrait ,a portrait of someone else or their own creative cubism inspired piece of art.
First, they drew an outline in faint pencil.

Lots of wonderful concentration

Then, they either used water colours or oil pastel to create their art work.

Here are their final pieces.

Rose period inspired art


This half term, Year 4 have been learning and developing their hockey skills during P.E lessons. They have learnt different types of passes, how to dribble and turn with the ball and also using ‘reverse stick’ as a way of controlling the ball. This Wednesday, we put all of these new skills into action and participated in our own intraschool competition. All teams showed a good understanding of the skills they have been learning and Mr Millar-Evans was very proud of the progress all the children have made this half term.

Improvise and Perform Ensemble

Today Year 4 had a very intensive music lesson.

First, we worked together to compose our own version . We used Charanga’s interactive music composition software. We thought about the pitch and duration of each note.

Then we combined our singing skills and tuned instrument (glockenspiel) skills to sing and play. Well done for recognising the staff and musical notation!

Watch us in action with a 70’s 8mm film TV filter!

Computational Thinking

Today in computing Robins recapped the importance of computational thinking. Both the attitudes and skills are helpful to us in learning.

Today Robins applied previous taught knowledge using Scratch to another programming tool called Blockly.

Using their skills of decomposition and pattern recognition amongst block coding they managed to work out how to give instructions (algorithms to code) to ensure the man could reach the target.

Brass Instruments

Robins are making good progress. Many are now confident in playing notes C, D , E

Today they explored how music is created, produced and communicated by looking closely at temp, pitch and notation. They played a came where a double crotchet was called coffee and a minim was called tea.

Watch us in action!


As part of their primary research on why Greece is a popular tourist destination, Robins taste tested a range of Greek food.

We tried hummus , Tzaziki, Taramasalata with pitta bread. We also tried some Greek yoghurt with honey.

We tested some Greek olives , Greek feta cheese and Roasted tomatoes.. Then we rated each food out of five starts and wrote why we did or didn’t like it.

Challenge: Research some more about Greece.

The following links below may help you.

  1. Safe   Search – Use this to search for information 
  2. Tripadvisor – Things to do in Greece 
  3. 9 Fantastic things to do in Greece 
  4. Visit Greece – Activities to do 
  5. Video :  Greece Ultimate Travel Guide
  6.  Ten dishes to try in Greece 

and finally, GreeceFactCards – Click here to read some fact cards.