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DT: Electronics Project : Update


Recently Robins have continued to work on their DT Project.

On Monday all groups successfully created the motor circuit with a switch.

Today we talked about the importance of instruction writing,  discussed the instructions and began making the pulley system.

Of course, before we began working;  we talked about the safety of using tools.

Robins were very good and were able to identify that the hazards from using a saw an a heat glue gun.

Robins had great fun identifying the motor, drive belt (rubber band) , plastic pulley, shaft and bearings (wooden wheel).

Let’s have a look at their progress.

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DT Project: Electronics and Funfairs!

Over the past few days Robins have learnt all about electronic circuits. In one of the lessons we looked at Motors, Buzzers, light bulbs in a series circuit with a switch.

Soon, we are going to use this new knowledge in our upcoming DT project, “Making a Funfair Ride”

Today, Robins discussed all about fun fairs.  We had some mixed responses.

Tanatswa & Ava – They are lots of fun 
Paige & Dylan
  – They are eye catching.
Amaya – I went to the funfair yesterday. It was lots of fun.
Seth – I don’t like them. They make me uncomfortable.

We looked at photo’s of different rides and discussed the following:

  • The types of ride you see
  • How the rides move
  • What the rides look like
  • What makes them interesting
  • How you think the rides might work
  • Who the rides might be designed for
  • What materials the rides are made from.

Finally Robins put their thoughts onto paper.

Stay tuned for more work in progress!

Year 4 making DT catapults

Year 4 finished making their Ancient Greek catapults.

They spent some time last week making the essential preparations when they measured and cut all the parts (pegs, dowels and batons).

Today each group used a glue gun to stick all the parts together. They had to work well, as a group, to hold the parts in place, making sure that the hot glue stayed away from their fingers!

The results were amazing . Using a bottle top, they could place some “ammunition” in it and launch it. Some went really far.

Excellent effort year 4.

A special well done to Tyler who came and helped year 4 and then made his own catapult from start to finish.

Healthy alternative

Year 4’s task for cooking was to create a healthy alternative of something that is on the school menu. We decided to make pizza as most of the children agreed that it was one of their favourites. The children discussed how we could change a pizza to make it healthier and which toppings we could have on top. The children then spent time planning their very own pizza.

Making the stockings!

After designing the Christmas stockings the children could not wait to get started on actually creating them. The children were very patient and used their perseverance skills to sew the felt together to form the stocking itself.

The children then went on to decorating their mini Christmas stocking in the way that they had designed. They are all looking brilliant and the children are super excited to take them home for Christmas!

Designing our Christmas stockings

In DT Year 4 will be making their very own Christmas stocking. Before the pupils could start creating them, we had to discuss what they might need, how they would make it and what it’s purpose would be. To introduce the children to the topic, we have also read the story of the Christmas stocking all about St. Nicholas.

The children then went on to completing their own planning sheet and designing what they wanted their stocking to look like.