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Rap Composition

Our music topic this half term, has been STOP! A song written around the importance of putting a stop to bullying. The children listened to many songs related to rap and even had a go at producing their own. I’m sure you’ll agree, we have some budding rap artists in our midst!

Mama Mia

This term, Robins have been studying the very famous, Mama Mia by ABBA. They have listened to the song and appraised it: What can they hear? What is the tempo of the piece and why do they like or dislike it. It’s been a bit of a hit with the year 4s and here’s a sneak preview of them learning the lyrics!

A bit of brass!

Today Mr Dickinson came to visit to give Robins a lesson with a brass instrument. The children got to practise blowing the mouthpiece of their instrument before learning how to hold it correctly. The children were then taught to play the ‘C’ note. it proved quite challenging for some of the children, but they preserved and did brilliantly!

Inspirations from Holst and Pollock

Today we were introduced to Jackson Pollock – an influential American painter, and the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the art world.

Pollock‘s dripping technique involved pouring and splashing liquid paint onto a canvas rather than using a brush. He would lay the canvas on the floor and use different tools like sticks and brushes to control the flow and movement of the paint. The result was a beautiful chaos of colours and lines that seemed to capture the energy and emotion of the artist.Pollock‘s paintings were often enormous, covering the entire length and width of the canvas. They were filled with vibrant colours, bold strokes, and intricate patterns, giving viewers a sense of movement and excitement. His paintings were not meant to represent anything specific, but rather to evoke an emotional response from the viewer.

Having been inspired by Jackson Pollock. Robins had a go at making their own pieces of art using the paint flicking and blowing techniques to show stars, planets, and galaxies.



Listen below to The Planets – Gustav Holst

P.S Did you know?

PRICELESS PAINTINGS - The World's Most Priceless Paintings
No 5 1948

Pollock‘s most famous painting, “No. 5, 1948,” is an excellent example of his dripping technique. It sold for a record-breaking $140 million in 2006, making it one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

Art Week: Mars

Robins listened to Mars by Gustav Holsts.

Gustav Holst was a British composer best known for his orchestral suite ‘The Planets’. A suite is a group of individual pieces. There are seven pieces in ‘The Planets’ and ‘Mars, the Bringer of War’ is the first one.

In ancient Roman religion Mars was the god of war. Holst composed this piece in anticipation of the outbreak of World War One. It’s a march but an unusual one. Normally a march has 4 beats in a bar so you can say “left, right, left, right” but Mars has 5 beats in a bar; tricky to march to!

Robins used their creativity to imagine what the music could represent.