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Rap music

Today, Robins enjoyed listening to rap music!

As soon as the song began, lots of children couldn’t resist moving to the beat!

They listened to and appraised “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and discussed the instruments they could hear within the composition (bass guitar, drums, keyboard and tambourine).

About half the class really liked the song, recognising it from the television programme entitled the same and all joined in, trying to rap along in time with the words.

Listening to “Three Little Birds”

Robins listened and appraised a song by Bob Marley today, called “Three Little Birds.” They learnt this genre was reggae music and discussed which instruments they thought were used too. They looked at the structure of the song and couldn’t resist singing along and moving to the beat!

The majority of the class enjoyed listening to this piece of music and singing along too!