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Brass Instruments

Year 4 were lucky enough to start their instrument lessons today. We began by learning as a class that we need to “buzz” with our lips and not blow. Trying it out lots of times is really important to make learning easier.

There are a mixture of instruments- trumpets and horns.

The class will have lessons every Monday now, so watch this space for updates and hopefully soon Year 4 will be experts!

There was a lot to learn and understand beforehand. Sitting correctly, buzzing-not blowing, warming up, placing instruments flat on the floor as well removing the mouthpiece.

Yellow Submarine

Yellow Submarine

  • The Beatles helped to reshape Western Pop music in the 1960s and were the most successful band ever.
  • The Beatles had four members in their band: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.
  • Paul McCartney wrote the majority of this song. He explained shortly after it was released in 1966: “Yellow Submarine is very simple but very different. It’s a fun song, a children’s song… Ringo sang lead.”
  • “I was just going to sleep one night and thinking if we had a children’s song, it would be nice to be on a yellow submarine where all your friends are with a band.”

How does it make us feel?


Abdullahi – Makes me feel jolly.

Max  –Makes me feel like I’m at my grandads house because he loves the Beatles. Very jolly!

Evelyne – Make me feel joyful.

Firas – Makes me feel like I’m in the past.

Jason– I feel like I’m actually on a submarine.


Have you heard this song before? Leave us a comment and tell us.

Blackbird by The Beatles

Robins today listened to a new piece of music. Blackbird by the Beatles.

Daisy C immediately recognised the song featured in the film Boss Baby. 

Robins answered questions together.

Do you enjoy the music?

  • I enjoy the song because I like  the melody , the lyrics , the guitar and the sound of the birds.

What is the purpose of this piece of music?

  • Know about racism in the 60’s

What mood do you think the music is trying to create?

  • Calm and relaxing mood, slightly sad.
  • Hopeful

Meaning of the lyrics?

  • Freedom from slavery.
  • Paul wrote the song Blackbird about a black woman, in support of the Black Power Movement.

Extension: Click here to learn more about the most successful band in the world  

What do you think about the song?  We look forward to singing it later in the term.

Fun with Music

Today in Music , Robins enjoyed listening and appraising another gospel pop song.  Shackles by Mary Mary.

In the midst of difficult lives, slaves used songs to inspire inner strength and courage.
They borrowed from Protestant hymns, reworked them, and then made up new melodies
and harmonies. These songs became known as Negro spirituals, the first authentic
American sacred music. Gospel music is the original form of American folk music, blues
and R&B are rooted in it.

There were lots of comments about the song including:

Harvey – I loved it because it’s got a fast rhythm.

  • Debra – I loved it because the singing is good.
  • Abdullahi – I loved it because of the rhythm.
  • Hollie– I enjoyed the song because it’s easy to catch the beat and drum along to.
  • Alexie– I liked it because of the rhythm.
  • Naz – I didn’t like it. It sounded annoying.
  • Daisy C – I loved it because it gave me good vibes.

Finally, Robins also continued practising their performance of “Lean on Me”.




Extension: Listen to Shackles Below.

Can you hear:

This style uses elements of hip hop, pop, funk and jazz . There is a rapper in this
● Uses drums, electric guitar, bass and keyboards.
● The lyrics can have aboth a religious and non religious meaning.
● ● Syncopated rhythms with a fast tempo unlike a traditional hymn
● The voices are weaving in and out of each other.


Lean on Me

Today we listened to Lean on Me by Bill Withers.  Lean On Me is a soul song written by Bill Withers in 1972.

Do you like the song?

Abdullahi – I liked it because it was in rhythm and harmony.

Millie – I don’t like it because it sounds old fashioned.

Jason –  I liked the song because of the rhythm.

Firas–  I like it because it made my body energised.

Alexie –I didn’t like it because I thought it sounds miserable.

Eason – I liked the part where it goes faster.

What can we hear?

Naz – Drums

Harvey – Piano


We finally discussed the importance of the lyrics. We all have moments of feeling down but luckily, we have friends and faith to support us.

Extension: Click here to access the lesson on Charanga

Appreciating Music: Mas Que Nada

In Music today, Robins listened to Mas Que Nada.

We had mixed reviews about whether they liked it. Examples included;

Hollie – Yes , because it’s loud and energetic.

Abdullahi – I loved it because I like the rhythm and the beat

Jason – yes, I like the tempo of the music.

Eason – I loved it because of the percussion instruments

Daisy – I didn’t like it because it was too noisy and gave me bad feelings.


Extension: Read more about the song below,

Mas Que Nada was written by Jorge Ben and covered by Sergio Mendes. Sergio Mendes
is a Brazilian musician (born 1941); he has released more than 35 albums. The style of his
music is Bossa Nova heavily crossed with Jazz and Funk.
Mendes’ Mas Que Nada was first performed in 1966; this version is the most recent
(2006), and features the group The Black Eyed Peas; and therefore is fused with Hip Hop
beats. Listen for the percussion instruments throughout the track – percussion is very
important in Brazilian music

What is the style of music?

Samba is a form of music and dance that originated in Africa – probably Angola – and
emerged as a distinct sound in urban neighborhoods around Rio de Janeiro in the
late-19th century. Brazilians dance Samba as part of their massive CARNIVAL
celebrations. The word “Samba,” comes from an Angolan language and means: “to
pray.” It is a vibrant music and dance form with the fast-paced music of drums, whistles
and a mixture of percussion instruments which accompany the dance.

Stop Bullying!

Over the last three weeks Robins have been practising their rapping and performing skills.  See below for a sneak peak.


As well as this they have also listened and appreciated to a variety of music including:

  • Gotta Be Me performed by Secret Agent 23
    Skidoo (Hip Hop)
    ● Radetzky March by Strauss (Classical)
    ● Can’t Stop The Feeling! by Justin
    Timberlake (Pop with Soul, Funk and
    Disco influence)
    ● Libertango by Astor Piazzolla (Tango)

Fun with Rap

In Music this morning, the Robins in year 4 were learning about different genres of music. Today, we focussed on rap music and different rappers.

Afterwards, we had a go at writing a rhyming couplet to perform to the class. We wrote about friends, family or something that made us feel happy!