Y4 Spy Dancing

Are you creative enough for the challenge?!

This half term Year 4 have been doing Dance. Today was their first time to create and perform a new dance that consists of crouching, running forward, a straight jump up , touching the floor, head turns, army crawl and log roll.

Watch the video to see their creations and development.

Online Bullying

In computing we discussed the importance of online safety and how online bullying/ Cyber Bullying can happen.

Well done to Shriya, Reva and Alex Hill who came up with the following answers
1. When someone tries to be mean to someone online.

2. Tries to hurt someone emotionally online.

3. Intimidates or makes threats online.

We then talked about needing the right tools to fix a problem with online bullying.

  1. Elias – Let a trusted adult know
  2. Shriya – You could talk to a digital ambassador.
  3. Anren – Don’t forget you can always let Miss Williams or a another teacher know.

Finally we discussed how we should never respond to negative messages online and try to take a screenshot of the mean message as evidence.


We’re getting better and better. Today we played Trapland and looked at musical notation.

Big breaths now !

Mr Lo will setup Charanga on Wonde this week so that Robins can access the learning at home!

Don’t forget to play this at home!

Sound Diffraction

I wonder if this listening cone will help me hear better?

Today, Robins conducted a fair test to compare how volume is affected by using different methods of hearing.

They then explored if sound appears quieter if they are further away from their partner.

I can hardly hear you!
It sounds a bit quiet.
I can definitely hear you from this distance

Well done Robins and all of us were able to explain the science behind it!

Don’t forget to log onto Developing Experts to review your knowledge and rocket words!

What is Area?

Robins are learning about Area this week. They have been discussing how area is the space inside a 2d shape and have explored area using post it notes.

Later this week we will be looking at strategies to calculate the area of rectilinear figures.

Don’t forget to go on Maths Shed to review your learning.

West Midlands Fire Service

Year 4 had a visit from Kings Norton Fire Service today.

First we watched a video showing a fire starting in a bedroom and we discussed how quickly it spreads until the room is engulfed in flames and smoke.

Then we talked about smoke, why it is so dangerous and we should all have working smoke alarms in our houses.

We then worked together to identify the recommended positioning of smoke alarms.

After than, we learnt all about being prepared for an emergency. It is really
important that families and people who live together have sorted out a
plan of action just in case there is a fire.

We then talked about making an emergency call correctly and efficiently and thought about the impact of a hoax call.

Finally, we learnt about the Stop, Drop and Roll procedure that could save someone from being seriously injured or killed.

Many of us also had a go at it!

Extension: Download the West Midlands Fire Service activity pack to do at home!

Hopscotch Coding

During Computing , Robins used an iPad app called Hopscotch, where they learned how to program characters to perform an action using instruction blocks.

The app allows children to insert various programming blocks including motion, drawing and repetition.

Today they used their prior knowledge of giving a sequence of instructions in Scratch and Blockly, to code their Hopscotch characters.

Click here to find out more about Hopscotch

Conscience Alley

Year4 have read up to chapter 5 of Varjak Paw. This week Robins are going to write a persuasive letter to Varjak. Today they discussed whether Varjak should stay or go.In small groups they created their own conscience alley to help Varjak decide.

Recap Chapter 5

Be Internet Brave

In PHSE we have been discussing how people may behave differently online including pretending to be someone they are not. The class were very active and several of us (Elias, Alex H, Alex S, Alex R, Jacob, Charlie, James, Olivia, Ryan, Anren,) shared their personal experiences. Discussions included:

  1. Racist or negative comments online.
  2. Strangers talking to you online.
  3. Video adverts and content inappropriate for year 4 children.

Finally we all agreed different ways to talk / deal about anything that is not right online. This included.

  1. Telling a trusted adult.
  2. Pressing the report button for videos.
  3. Blocking and ignoring strangers online.

    Just remember, When it doubt, Discuss with a trusted adult!

Year 4 Edtech Stars 4.11.22

Lots of you have been doing extra research and review at home / in the media centre.
Well done!

Developing Expert Stars

  1. Anren
  2. Ryan
  3. Reva
  4. Yusuf
  5. Tatenda
  6. Sam
  7. Bethany
  8. Declan

Maths Shed Stars

Yusuf, Amudha, Elias, Ryan, Tatenda, Corban

Spelling Shed Stars

Yusuf, Corban, Ryan, Reva, Jack, Joseph, Alex R, Elias


Amudha, Ryan, Reva, Jacob

We look forward to updating this list again in the next 2 weeks!