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Year 4 Rocking Robins have taken part in the SFE Virtual City Music Festival 2023. The festival aims to help showcase to the world some of the amazing music that is being made by our talented musicians across Birmingham.

In today’s music lesson they also talked about the meaning of the dynamic indications P – Piano (meaning quiet) and F – Forte (meaning loud)


In Music we have started our new unit.

Today we discussed if we knew what “Grime” music was.

We then learnt that

Grime is a style of urban British music that is a mix of hip hop, jungle, garage and ragga – developed in the early 2000’s from UK electronic music styles. Rapping is one of the main elements of this style with heavy basslines, turntables, digital and electronic sounds used. The lyrics are written from a place of truth about the world, feelings and experiences.

Finally we enjoyed a song called Stop! Don’t forget to also listen it at home by logging onto Charanga.


We’re getting better and better. Today we played Trapland and looked at musical notation.

Big breaths now !

Mr Lo will setup Charanga on Wonde this week so that Robins can access the learning at home!

Don’t forget to play this at home!