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Olympic Fever~

The Olympics will begin later this year.

Today, we held our own Mini -Olympics featuring The Javelin and The Shot!

What a great way to get into the Olympic spirit and develop the ability to throw for distance and accuracy.


Extension: Read the tips below to improve your throwing techniques.

Fun on the field.

Well…whether the weather  wet or dry we’ll weather the weather whatever the weather! (ok ok, I got a little carried away!)

Well done to Year 4 5 and 6. We had a great mini  sports day on the field!

Take a look below at our wonderful Robins!

and look at the highlights below!

Y4 Gymnastics

Today, Robins enjoyed Gymnastics.

Over the summer term they are improving  many of their gymnastic skills including balancing, rolling and identifying supporting muscle groups.

Extension: Do you know all your gymnastics vocabulary?


Outdoor Fun with Rounders

Take a look at all the fun outdoor sports activities Robins have been enjoying!

Our aims in playing the sport include:

  1. Throw and catch the ball with increasing accuracy
  2. Hit the ball into zones to score points
  3. Work as an individual to keep score

Reading: Take some time to read more about the sports!

Bauble Volleyball

Robins enjoyed indoor volleyball using a giant soft Christmas Bauble.

Volleyball is a team sport in which two teams of six players are separated by a net. Each team tries to score points by grounding a ball on the other team’s court under organised rules.

Did you know the word “to volley” in the sporting sense (originally in tennis) of “to return the ball before it has hit the ground” began in  the year 1819 and Volleyball was invented in 1895? It was designed as an indoor sport for businessmen who found the new game of basketball too vigorous.

Did you enjoy the game? Let us know and leave a comment below!

Playing badminton

Robins have had a fun packed afternoon developing their hand eye co-ordination skills by playing Badminton. Mr Gill was very impressed with everyone’s determination to succeed in finding out the best way to serve. Keep it up!

Extension: Find out all about Badminton below. (it counts as one of your reading targets!)

Video: Cricket in PE

Every Thursday in our PE lessons we have been working on the different skills we need for ball games.

Recently Robins have been improving their cricket skills and learning the rules of cricket. The game they have been playing follows the normal rules except scoring runs only occurs when the ball hits the boundaries ( walls), 2pts for end wall and 1pt for side wall. Children have 5 bowls each, if they are out during the 5 bowls, they still complete their 5 attempts to hit the ball. However, each time they are out the score is reduced by 5 points.

Stay tuned for future P.E updates and… don’t forget our home learning site now includes multiple at home exercise activities. Click here to jump there now

Change of plan in PE

Today Year 4 had a change of plan for PE. Because the school were having photos taken Year 4 stayed in class for PE.

They played a great strategy game. They had to show skills in:

• Listening
• concentration
• memory
• speed

Remembering names of football teams and numbers as voices bounced from around the circle was a real challenge.

Mrs Sabir was very impressed with how the children managed it! She couldn’t keep up with them all.

Well done Year 4. Back on track for PE on Monday.