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Gold for Robins!

Year 4 Golf Team receive gold medals in Kings Heath Sports Partnership Golf Competition 

On Tuesday 21st June 2022, we took part in the Y4 Kings Heath Sports Partnership Golf Competition. We played from 9.30 to 11.15am – participating in 2 types of competition.

We had a great time and learned some new techniques. Mr Gill was very pleased with our performance and sportsmanship and we were awarded gold medals for our participation in the event.


中国舞蹈 Chinese Dance

There are many benefits to dance, it promotes qualities of confidence, poise and self esteem.

Robins for the first time were introduced to a Chinese inspired dance.

Have a look at our final dance below.  Did we move like the spring wind, embracing the beautiful flowers in the Garden of Happiness?

豫园 “Garden of Happiness”  Shanghai, China

We all worked hard to be creative, work together and persevere. Have a look at the fun we had below.

Athletics competition at Kings Heath Boys School

11 Rocking Robins went with Mr Gill and Mr Crooks to take part in an athletics competition against 5 other schools. The events were 30m, 50m, 300m, 600m, 4x50m relay, 4x50m hurdles relay, tennis ball throw and standing long jump. We finished 5th but were only a point off 4th and four points off 3rd. The children enjoyed the experience and represented the school well.

Orienteering Skills

This week we completed our school orienteering course. We needed to be able to read the maps correctly in order to find each marker and record the correct code. The markers were placed in lots of places throughout the school grounds. We were aiming to achieve the highest score in the shortest time.


Olympic Fever~

The Olympics will begin later this year.

Today, we held our own Mini -Olympics featuring The Javelin and The Shot!

What a great way to get into the Olympic spirit and develop the ability to throw for distance and accuracy.


Extension: Read the tips below to improve your throwing techniques.