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This term in PSHE we have been concentrating on my community and clubs. We are all proud of belonging to different faiths , communities and clubs.
This week we are very happy to share that Elias was awarded Silver at the Midlands Taekwondo championship

Anti bullying Week

This week we have been reminding ourselves about what is bullying and who we can reach out. Our daily checking have included , Who can you reach out to ?, what kind words have been said to you his week? Who can help us in school?

We also took part in an anti bullying live lesson.

West Midlands Fire Service

Year 4 had a visit from Kings Norton Fire Service today.

First we watched a video showing a fire starting in a bedroom and we discussed how quickly it spreads until the room is engulfed in flames and smoke.

Then we talked about smoke, why it is so dangerous and we should all have working smoke alarms in our houses.

We then worked together to identify the recommended positioning of smoke alarms.

After than, we learnt all about being prepared for an emergency. It is really
important that families and people who live together have sorted out a
plan of action just in case there is a fire.

We then talked about making an emergency call correctly and efficiently and thought about the impact of a hoax call.

Finally, we learnt about the Stop, Drop and Roll procedure that could save someone from being seriously injured or killed.

Many of us also had a go at it!

Extension: Download the West Midlands Fire Service activity pack to do at home!

Be Internet Brave

In PHSE we have been discussing how people may behave differently online including pretending to be someone they are not. The class were very active and several of us (Elias, Alex H, Alex S, Alex R, Jacob, Charlie, James, Olivia, Ryan, Anren,) shared their personal experiences. Discussions included:

  1. Racist or negative comments online.
  2. Strangers talking to you online.
  3. Video adverts and content inappropriate for year 4 children.

Finally we all agreed different ways to talk / deal about anything that is not right online. This included.

  1. Telling a trusted adult.
  2. Pressing the report button for videos.
  3. Blocking and ignoring strangers online.

    Just remember, When it doubt, Discuss with a trusted adult!

Staying the same or time for a change?

In PSHE we had various discussions.

1.What things do we do the same every day?

Responses included:

Make friends
Brush teeth
Go to bed
Wash hands
Get dressed
Wash face

2. Why do we do the same things every day?

They are fun to do
Essential to life
If you don’t get dressed, how can you go to school?
Clean away germs
Good hygiene
Don’t want to be lazy
Get into routine

3.What would it be like if the World stayed the same?
Everyone will be like you
Feel hollow
Nothing to do

No new things (buildings, toys, food, music, etc)
No learning at school

4.What do the following words make you think of?
Variety- choice of food and drink, lots of things to do, options
Freshness- new, clear, clean, good hygiene
Challenge- learn new things, facing something hard
Opportunity- to correct something, try something new