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Year 4 PSHE Careers

On Tuesday Year 4 Robins shared their future hopes talking about careers. It was interesting to hear what the class felt they would like to do as adults. Their passions were clear and for many, it was what we expected!
Layla loves horses and wants to be a horse trainer/teacher.
Paige loves animals and wants to work in a zoo…specifically with Red Pandas!
Amaya is thinking about being a mathematician, Olympic gymnast or a Palaeontologist.
We love the children’s enthusiasm and aspirations. It is important to have a goal and know how to get there.
The class looked at all sorts of personality traits and what jobs may suit them.
For example, if you are quiet and reserved you may want a job not so involved with talking constantly to people, whereas if you are outgoing and expressive, you may look for a job in the arts/entertainment where you are always with people.
If you are hardworking and like being with people, maybe a job as a nurse, Police person, medic or fire service will suit you…
Some children found other careers that they were interested in after the talk but for others it was more about the skills/qualifications they will need to achieve their goal.
The class also learnt that not all jobs require qualifications, you can also do apprenticeships (where you learnt the practical skills while on the job), but the more qualifications you have, the more money you can usually earn.