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Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, Robins took part in Safer Internet Day. We watched a video on the importance of being kind online, and then we chatted about being aware of age restrictions on social media. The children were extremely knowledgeable about which games and sites they are allowed on. We also learnt the Safer Internet poem to sing with the digital ambassadors in assembly.

Economic Wellbeing

Last week Sandra from HSBC came to share some financial capability sessions with year 4. They talked about the differences between gift cards, debit cards and credit cards, and shared stories of when they’d lost their purse or wallet and how it made them feel. They discussed what it would be like to find a purse and how important it is to hand it in to either police station or the school if it’s found on site. It was a very informative day, and the children got a chance at being photographed with Sandra’s giant debit card.


Stop Drop and Roll

Today, Robins were lucky enough to have a visit from Kings Norton Fire Brigade. The three firemen spent an hour with the children teaching them how fires can easily spread and also, the importance of having smoke detectors at home. They took it in turns to plan their escape from a simulated burning building. The children also learnt that if their clothes were on fire, they should STOP…DROP…and…ROLL.
It was a fabulous visit. They have been given some homework by the firemen to chat to you about fire prevention at home so please find 5 minutes to discuss it with them.
If anyone requires smoke alarms (2 are suggested for upstairs and downstairs landings) then call your local fire station and they will happily come and fit one for free!

Childline Website

his morning, robins spent their PSHE lesson visiting the Childline website. They learnt how to navigate the site,  in order to access lots of resources to help them if ever they need them. It really is full of useful things to access. Mrs Calbreath demonstrated how one of the games worked by typing your problems onto a wall and having lots of fun knocking it down! It certainly made Mrs Calbreath feel better! The children are going to try some of the games this weekend and report back next week.

World Mental Health Day

Today, Robins have been looking into the importance of having a healthy mind, as well as a healthy body. We talked all about the symptoms of both, and discussed some of the things we can do to look after ourselves. The children worked in pairs to decide which symptoms such as: headaches or feeling grumpy, would fit into each category and which symptoms would fit into both categories at the same time.



Robins finished the week last week with a very important lesson regarding the privacy of their bodies and what to do if they’re ever concerned about someone touching them inappropriately. They were extremely sensible and were all able to understand the difference between a safe and an unsafe touch. They were also able to explain the emotions that could go along with both types of touch. Well done, Robins!

My skills

In PSHE in Year4 we have previously talked about what makes us unique and our communities.   Below we have Anren showing us his skills in skating! Amazing work !

We also have Sam with his amazing BMX skills!

Outdoor Fun!

Are you ready for some outdoor fun? 🌞🌳 Year 4 is! They had a blast enjoying the outdoor trim trail today! 😎⛹️‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 🙌 It’s so great to see everyone enjoying the fresh air and keeping active! 🏃‍♀️🌤️ Great for both our physical and mental health!

Pupils in Bells Farm Primary,
With laughter and joy so high,
Are relishing the outdoor trim trail,
Running, jumping, never failing to exhale.

The sun shines bright, the wind in their hair,
They climb, slide and balance with such care,
Their eyes sparkle with wonder and glee,
As they enjoy this moment of being free.

The trim trail’s obstacles, they tackle with ease,
Climbing up ropes, swinging with the breeze,
Each step, each move, a sense of triumph,
As they push themselves to new heights with excitement.

Their smiles, infectious, spread all around,
As they challenge each other to go up and down,
The trim trail, a place where they can be,
Free to explore and just let themselves be.


In PHSE we are now starting our new unit: Money and Work. We will be learning about making decisions about money; using and keeping money safe.

Today we discussed where does money for our family come from?

We then read a book and discussed the meaning of loans.

The book was about the Deacon family and the dilemma they face when their TV breaks and they consider borrowing money to buy a new one. We explored the options for taking out loans and began to understand some of the key terms (lots of difficult words!).

We then discussed the risks and consequences of borrowing money.

Click here to re-read the book at home. You can also download further resources review the learning at home.