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Computing: Etch a sketch

In the past couple of lessons, Year 4 Robins have been attempting to create an Etch a Sketch game. They were shown how to program their chosen sprites to use the pen up and down blocks.

Some children were then able to press different keys to change the pen colour and also change the backdrop. Some children even managed to add an instruction backdrop before the game loaded.

Click here to have a go on their Etch a sketch games!

E-Safety – Privacy and Security

In Computing week Robins have discussed the importance of E-safety.

Two areas have been covered

1. Health and Well-being – The Impact of screen-time.

Over the course of the week pupils monitored their screen time usage. They then compared and discussed whether they thought they managed their screen time well.


2. Keep Personal information safe.

Well done to Ava, Ryan, Charlie, Amaya, Seth for commenting: 

  • Personal information includes our name, address and telephone numbers.
  • We must keep it safe from hackers.
  • It’s important people do not use our details.
  • Parents have bank details, they must be kept safe.

Finally everyone demonstrated that they could make a complex password



Online Reputation

As part of the Anti-Bullying week Robins have refreshed themselves on the importance of safety online and how posting things online can influence someones reputation.


To further apply their knowledge, Robins had a go at doing their own research using a safe online search engine. They researched a celebrity of their choice and made their own fact files.

Finally as an extension, pupils were allowed to visit the BBC Bitesize website to learn more about teeth! (Our Science Focus)

Online identity

As part of Safer Internet Week, Year 4 Robins did a wheel to represent what we all do online (notes on picture below.)

Then we talked about identity. Here are some of the notes put into a sentences.

Your identity is who you are online and in the real world.

► Your identity can be your name, hobbies and even personal information.
► Identity is really important and it can affect you, your mind and actions.
► Your DNA is important because it controls you and helps you with your life.

Four Robins join the Digital Council

Year 4 children Esmay, Moharnab, Shona and Nyeema have all successfully passed their application process to be selected new members of the Digital Council – the school’s online safety group.

The process involved an application form submission and an interview with Mr Baddhan, Ms Hughes (Chair of Governor / Safeguarding) and Mr Evans.

Mr Baddhan was delighted to select the four children who all showed fantastic enthusiasm and willingness to improve the good work of the Digital Council to keep children safe at Bells Farm.