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Digital Art

During computing this week, Robins have continued to build onto their knowledge of digital art. The children were given a picture of a landscape and were asked to experiment with colour to change the look of the picture.

They produced some incredible images; take a look!

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Repetition in Programming

In computing Robins create designs for an animation of the letters in their names. The animation uses repetition to change the costume (appearance) of the sprite. The letter sprites will all animate together when the event block (green flag) is clicked.

Robins did an excellent job. Have a look at some wonderful creations!


Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday, Robins took part in Safer Internet Day. We watched a video on the importance of being kind online, and then we chatted about being aware of age restrictions on social media. The children were extremely knowledgeable about which games and sites they are allowed on. We also learnt the Safer Internet poem to sing with the digital ambassadors in assembly.

Technology in our lives

Robins have started their Computing topic of Technology In Our Lives. They learnt all about how the internet works and how it’s possible to communicate via e-mail. The children demonstrated their digital communication skills by acting as routers and switches and sending mock messages to each other. This week, we have learnt how to access web sites and they are now able to explain the difference between a website and a web page.