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Online Safety

For our first computing lesson Robins talked about the importance of online safety.

First we discussed about what makes our Identity

  • Where you live
  • Passwords
  • Name / family name
  • Age
  • Where you go to school
  • Phone number / e-mail
  • Address
  • Personal Information- where you were born

We then discussed information you should not share online with strangers

X address – postcode

X Don’t give full name.

X E-mail address

X Photos

X Don’t reveal your private spaces.



Digital Media

In Art, Robins have been learning about Joe Cornish, a landscape photographer and Ansel Adams.

Today, they learnt about how to use an iPad to capture images.  Mr Lo mentioned about focus, brightness and how to use the zoom. He also showed how to ensure the device is held properly to avoid shake.



After taking the photos, Robins learnt how to transfer the photos onto our school shared area wirelessly.

Next week, we look forward to editing them in the style of Joe Cornish or Ansel Adams.


Selection and Variables in Programming

In Computing today, Robins developed their programming skills.

We recapped variables  and the use of selection in programming.

To do this we first reminded ourselves of how selection (conditions and actions) happens in everyday life.

They then read some code containing variables and selection and made a prediction to what the code would do.

Finally, they used the activity, “Rapid Router”  to apply their coding skills.


Extension: Click here to access rapid router at home. 




Online Safety Limiting Screen Time

Robins are super Digital Citizens who care very much about online safety.  On Internet Safety Day they discussed the importance of looking after their health and wellbeing.

First we talked about what electronic devices we used. Examples include

  • Smart Watch
  • Nintendo Switch, PS4 or Xbox.
  • Tablet computer / iPad
  • Personal Computer or Laptop
  • Smart Speaker such as Alexa
  • Parents’ mobile phone.

When thinking about the effects of spending too much time on an electronic device the class came up with the following answers

  • Sammy and Andrew – Spending too much on your Xbox or PlayStation means you might stay up too late and not get enough sleep. Sleep is important for your health.
  • Imogen – If you spend too much time watching TV or on the computer it might mean you spend less time with your friends. It means you could lose your friends!
  • Hollie and Amelie  – Too much time on electronic devices could be bad for your eyesight.
  • Many in the class also pointed out if you spend too much time on electronics then you are not getting enough exercise to stay healthy.



Click here to read more about limiting screen time

Handling Data

Last week Robins created a table to collect raw data. Pupils created questions like, “What’s your favourite take-away?” “What’s your favourite colour?” ready for today’s lesson.

Today Robins first carried out their data collection and then processed their data using 2Graph. They inputted their raw data to produce information in the form of a bar chart or pie chart. Many took pride in their work and thought about the importance of having a clear title and label for the x/y axis.

Extension: Have a go at using 2graph at home.  Just login through Wonde.