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The history of Bells Farmhouse

On Friday afternoon, Robins visited Bells Farmhouse to found out more about the history of this fantastic Grade II listed building, quite literally on our doorstep!

They had a tour around all the rooms, beginning in the Primrose room after a climb up the steep stairs! Robins were careful whilst climbing the narrow stairs and were inquisitive about every door and room! As Robins are currently writing warning tales in English, they thought this might be a good place for the story setting! There were lots of exposed beams in the timber building and quite a few fireplaces too. Some observant pupils spotted the window frames were alive with ladybirds. There were lots!

Robins found out that Bells Farmhouse is a 17th century Grade II listed building, originally having a hall, best parlour, brewing house, cellar and several fireplaces. It was owned by the Field family who were thought to be a wealthy family.

In the 1980, fires were started deliberately by vandals which gutted the interior and damaged the timber. In 1988 it was the winner of the Country House awards and was presented with an engraved glass bowl by the Earl of Caithness.

Today, the farmhouse is well used by many members of the community for courses, teaching, meetings, church , activities and clubs.

The children were treated to squash and biscuits before being allowed to look at lots of old photographs of the building over various time periods. They also saw a watercolour painting of the building and made links to their current Art lessons!

Landscape paintings

This half term, Robins are learning about landscapes in Art and will also be using watercolours to create wonderful paintings.

The class considered why people find landscapes appealing and shared their ideas and opinions. They also compared examples of work by two landscape artists called David Hockney and Heaton Cooper.

Before using any paint, the class experimented with sketching a horizon, using perspective and creating a vanishing point. Here are some examples by Millie and Abdulbari.

Our work in digital media

Studying digital media in Art, Robins have loved experimenting by editing photographs using the Pixlr app.

Here are some of the creations to date by Cara, Callum, Jake, Katie, Kayleigh, Naheedul, Nathanuel, Ronnie, Nila and Tiffany.

Tiffanie and Keon

Paint our Greek vases

Robins were eager to paint and decorate their Greek vases this afternoon! We watched a film first as inspiration and looked at some real Greek plates. Then it was time to get creative. It was a tricky task to hold the delicate vases whilst trying to paint intricate detail. As the pieces were painted we thought about the learning behaviours we were using without even realising. These included active listening, perseverance, concentration and creativity!

Abstract portraits

On Tuesday, Robins finished creating abstract portraits in the style of Picasso’s cubism period, using oil pastels. There were some really bright, fantastic and colourful pieces of work.

Shayla – I liked it when we made a portrait crossed with a profile picture and colouring in.
Sophie S – I enjoyed learning about the Blue Period and creating our own abstract pictures. I liked it when we combined the technique to draw a guitar. With abstract art, we were able to mix faces together and colour it the way we wanted.
Millie – I enjoyed painting in the style of Picasso’s Blue Period.



Pablo Picasso art


Over the last few weeks, Robins have been studying Pablo Picasso. First of all, they found out about all the artist and recorded facts.

Last week, the whole class drew a self portrait using pencil. Today everyone used collage to create abstract faces in the style of Picasso’s art.

It was great fun!