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Digital Media

Robins showed concentration and creativity whilst having a go at taking their own photo’s.  They demonstrated they were able to use grid lines to plan their compositionfocus on a subject and adjust the brightness when needed.

Robins explored the use of Pixlr (an online photo editor )

They discovered how they could not only apply pre-set filters but also change individual settings, thus becoming advanced photo editors.

It was great fun experimenting how to adjust settings such as Vibrance, Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Contrast and temperature. 

This required a lot of active listening, concentration, perseverance and creative thinking. 

Understanding Tone in Art

In Art this afternoon, the Robins were exploring sketching pencils. We looked at the different names of the pencils and what they mean and what we would use them for. Then we experimented with the different pencils in our sketch books. We compared the H and B pencils and what was different about them.

As an extension activity Mr Lo showed Robins how to write volcano (known as a fire mountain) in Chinese. Volcano in Chinese is made up of the Chinese characters for Fire and Mountain.  Can you see how the Chinese characters are pictograms?

Our own Mosaics

Robins enjoyed creating their final Roman inspired mosaic pieces.

We have used many skills including:

  • Select and arranging materials
  • Working with precision
  • Deciding when to overlap / not overlap to create tesselating shapes.
  • Consider the use of symmetry
  • Refining our piece with a Roman/Greek inspired border

Repeated Patterns

In Art today Robins were looking at repeating and tessalating patterns.

We had a go at continuing Greek inspired patterns that the Roman’s loved. It required us to analyse the pattern. Could we spot the repeated pattern? Mr Lo asked us to use our computational thinking knowledge and think about pattern recognition, for example. two yellow one blue two yellow one blue.

Mr Crooks then introduced to them Solomon’s knot. We talked about how it often appears in ancient Roman mosaics, usually represented as two interlaced ovals.

He then modelled how to draw it.

We showed good concentration and independence by having a go at drawing it with precision by ourselves.

Well done to Oliver! You were amazing in Art today.

Final art pieces

The Robins have been learning about Pablo Picasso in their Art lessons. We have looked at the different periods in which his paintings went through; blue period, Cubism, African period and the rose period.

This morning, the Robins were creating their final piece. They had chosen one of the periods to take their inspiration from, used the work they had previously done in their sketch books to paint either a self-portrait ,a portrait of someone else or their own creative cubism inspired piece of art.
First, they drew an outline in faint pencil.

Lots of wonderful concentration

Then, they either used water colours or oil pastel to create their art work.

Here are their final pieces.

Rose period inspired art

Exploring Cubism

This half term Robins have been studying Pablo Picasso.

Today they discussed all about cubism and had a go at creating their own cubism inspired portraits.

Excellent concentration! Well done to those of you who took care in using the oil pastels.

Notice the shapes and strong colours.