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We’re all Picasso!

We have recently enjoyed learning about the life of Pablo Picasso.

Mr Lo was very pleased to find out that the majority of the class had researched their own information about Picasso over the bubble closure. Well done!

This week Robins have chosen whether they want to experiment drawing and painting based on the Blue Period , Rose Period or Cubism.

Can you spot the different styles?

Making Greek Pots and Vases

Robins have recently been learning all about the Ancient Greeks and the importance of Greek pottery and vases.
Robins made a request if they could have a go at actually making them, and… guess what? We did!

It was a lot of hard work requiring perseverance and concentration. Many of us reflected on how difficult or hardworking the process is and how skilful the Ancient Greeks were.
Below is a short video of our learning!

Everybody worked well and we’re now waiting for them to dry out to take home. Well done Robins!

As an extension task; paint and decorate them at home!


Year 4 Robins looked at landscapes again this afternoon.

Lexi reminded the class what landscape meant: “It is a drawing of outside and what we can see.”
Evie added “It is the land outside.”

They looked at some examples and discussed it was how people could see what other places looked like before photographs were invented.

Year 4 looked at a number of different examples where it was easy to see what time of year it was.
Bright colours captured a summer, sunny day. Dark colours and a black sky showed a stormy landscape.

The children used some great adjectives to describe some of the landscapes:
• bright
• realistic
• colourful

The class then recapped the “vanishing point”.

Demi said “It is when something is far away and you can’t see it anymore.”

After a quick demonstration the children began to sketch out their landscapes…these will be worked on again later this week.

Artist Picasso

Today we learnt about the famous artist Picasso.

He created some amazing paintings in the style named cubism. He used unusual shapes and blocks of colour.

Year 4 rolled a dice to help choose unusual facial features and create a picasso like face. They then coloured them in, in his style.

We had some great results! Have a look.

Art Week – Gustav Klimt

Today, Robins looked at a picture by Gustav Klimt called “The Tree of Life”.

They learnt the tree of life represents wisdom, protection, strength, and beauty. It reaches up into the sky and down into the earth. It links Heaven, Earth, and the Underworld.The swirled branches make people want to keep looking at the painting to explore and find more.

Robins then focused on spirals as their theme and Mrs Parry showed the children how to quill. The children created their own designs and pictures. There was real perseverance this afternoon in Year 4!

Drawing skills

This half term, Robins are practising their drawing skills with pencils. They have experimented with different pencils (HB to 6B) and shaded by using cross hatching, hatching, random hatching, stippling, ink wash and contour hatching techniques.

This week Robins watched films of artists drawing fruit and shapes with shadows and then had a go themselves.

Abdulbari, Millie, Cara and Jake were particularly successful and after persevering and concentrating, they all felt really proud of their art work. Well done!