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Holiday Adjective Slinky

Enjoying our learning and aiming for excellence. 

This week, Robins have been discussing the importance of a growth mindset;

During Art today, we embraced the importance of creativity, independence, pride and mindfulness by making adjective slinkies.

First, We thought of adjectives we could use to describe our holiday.

Then, we  wrote them on our individual slinky and added arms + legs.

Finally, we have put them on our Robins display. (A big thank-you to Ms. Knapman too! )

Jackson Pollock (Art) Meets Gustav Holst (Music)

Today, Robins enjoyed listening to Gustav Holst’s ‘The Planets’.

Robins artwork inspired by Jackson Pollock and Gustav Holst


Look at us putting our thoughts onto paper as we are listening to the pieces!


Next we were introduced to Jackson Pollock – an influential American painter, and the leading force behind the abstract expressionist movement in the art world.

Having been inspired by Jackson Pollock. Robins had a go at making their own pieces of art using the paint flicking and blowing techniques to show stars, planets and galaxies.


Extension: Listen below to The Planets – Gustav Holst

Creativity with Digital Art

On Wednesday Robins showed concentration and creativity whilst having a go at taking their own photo’s.  They demonstrated they were able to use grid lines to plan their composition, focus on a subject and adjust the brightness when needed.

Let’s take a look at some of the photo’s! Don’t they look good?

On Friday, Robins explored the use of Pixlr (an online photo editor )

They discovered how they could not only apply pre-set filters but also change individual settings, thus becoming advanced photo editors.

It was great fun experimenting how to adjust settings such as Vibrance, Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Contrast and temperature. This required a lot of active listening, concentration, perseverance and creative thinking. 

Having mastered the controls; Robins had to edit their photo  to match the style of

Joe Cornish (Colour)

Ansel Adams (Black and White)


At the end of the lesson, Robins evaluated their Artwork in their books.



Extension: At home, access pixlr by clicking here! 


Artistic Robins

This week Robins are enjoying Art.  Today’s art lesson was split into two parts.

Part 1: Understanding Sketching Techniques. 

Robins discussed how sketching pencils vary. They talked about the colour difference between different pencils and also how some pencils have harder nibs whilst others seem softer.

As an extension activity Mr Lo showed Robins how to write volcano (known as a fire mountain) in Chinese. Volcano in Chinese is made up of the Chinese characters for Fire and Mountain.  Can you see how the Chinese characters are pictograms?

They then shaded in different parts of the flames using different sketching pencils to see how the difference in tones between pencils.

After that, observed how drawing textures can be done through a variety of tecniques.

They then had a go themselves. Well done for excellent independence, peseverance and concentration Robins!

Part 2: Artist Study: Ansel Adams and Joe Cornish.

Pupils studied the two artists and compared their photography artwork.



We look forward to producing our own digital artwork later on in the week.

We’re all Picasso!

We have recently enjoyed learning about the life of Pablo Picasso.

Mr Lo was very pleased to find out that the majority of the class had researched their own information about Picasso over the bubble closure. Well done!

This week Robins have chosen whether they want to experiment drawing and painting based on the Blue Period , Rose Period or Cubism.

Can you spot the different styles?

Making Greek Pots and Vases

Robins have recently been learning all about the Ancient Greeks and the importance of Greek pottery and vases.
Robins made a request if they could have a go at actually making them, and… guess what? We did!

It was a lot of hard work requiring perseverance and concentration. Many of us reflected on how difficult or hardworking the process is and how skilful the Ancient Greeks were.
Below is a short video of our learning!

Everybody worked well and we’re now waiting for them to dry out to take home. Well done Robins!

As an extension task; paint and decorate them at home!


Year 4 Robins looked at landscapes again this afternoon.

Lexi reminded the class what landscape meant: “It is a drawing of outside and what we can see.”
Evie added “It is the land outside.”

They looked at some examples and discussed it was how people could see what other places looked like before photographs were invented.

Year 4 looked at a number of different examples where it was easy to see what time of year it was.
Bright colours captured a summer, sunny day. Dark colours and a black sky showed a stormy landscape.

The children used some great adjectives to describe some of the landscapes:
• bright
• realistic
• colourful

The class then recapped the “vanishing point”.

Demi said “It is when something is far away and you can’t see it anymore.”

After a quick demonstration the children began to sketch out their landscapes…these will be worked on again later this week.

Artist Picasso

Today we learnt about the famous artist Picasso.

He created some amazing paintings in the style named cubism. He used unusual shapes and blocks of colour.

Year 4 rolled a dice to help choose unusual facial features and create a picasso like face. They then coloured them in, in his style.

We had some great results! Have a look.