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Past tense words

Year 4 have been working super hard this afternoon on their past tense words. They showed excellent team work skills, taking turns and listened to each others ideas.

Not only that but they applied the four rules and used them brilliantly.

Mrs Sabir was really impressed with the handwriting too! Keep it up Robins!

Super book review

Well done to Sophie for making a lovely book review. She had just finished reading Charlie and the glass elevator and decided to make a book review.

See how f it makes you want to read it too…

“I really liked reading the book, so made the book review so people could read it and then it might make them read it.”

Poetry Wonderland Competition

The children in Year 4 have finally heard back from Young Writers regarding their nonsense poems that they wrote for their Poetry Wonderland competition. All of the children are super happy and excited as they have ALL been successful. Every child’s poem has been chosen to be published in the Poetry Wonderland book!

The children received a bookmark, a sticker and a certificate to congratulate them. Well done Robins! You all worked really hard on those poems!

Please can I remind parents that without the permission slip either returned to school or sent off in the post to the company your child’s poem cannot be published.

A letter from the Naughty Elf

Evie tested out whether or not the Naughty Elf was real! Naly doesn’t think he is…

Evie left the elf a note… as well as some chocolates.

In no time at all she found the elf had eaten all the chocolates, left the wrappers thrown around, then wrote a note back!

Apparently the elf’s name is Ian!

Have a look and see what you think. Do you have a naughty elf at home? What does he/she get up to?

Reading newspapers

Year 4 started their day with reading newspapers. It made a lovely change and a great way to share UK and world news with the class.

We found out some great pieces of news:

Amber – A holographic elephant has been roaming the streets of London.
Nally – A French museum made 82 fake paintings.
Sophia – Twins ran 100km to raise money for hospitals.
Mohammed – Stephen Hawkins was the most famous scientist who wrote a book as well as many other theories.
Phoebe – A hidden lake on Mars was discovered.
Elliott – A whale died after eating plastic bags, it vomitted 5 plastic bags before dying.
Poppy – At the royal wedding there were 6 bridesmaids and 4 pageboys.
Ruby D – Shocking news…. several “vanilla” ice creams had NO traces of actual vanilla!!!!!!!

Year 4 loved reading the newspapers and finding so many interesting facts. We are looking forward to delving into them again.

Tales of fear

Robins had an excellent English lesson this morning. They had written up some tales of fear.

Using a peer assessment sheet they looked for certain criteria in their partners work.

They looked for:

• clear paragraphing
• simple sentences to show fear
• Adverbials
• adjectives
• subordinating conjunctions
• figurative language

We were very impressed with how they checked and assessed. Lots of children were ensuring their partners was good but they had ideas on how it could be better.

Samaiya asked if Mrs Sabir could re-read one of her sentences and she and her partner Kenny were struggling with choices of words for one sentence. Mrs Sabir asked her why she thought the sentence may not be right and she said “It just doesn’t sound right.” This is a great way to help edit. Usually if it does not sound right, it usually isn’t.

They worked on the sentence and discussed what they meaning the of the sentence was and they all came up with a suitable word choice.

This ties in with the guided reading we do, where we discuss what words mean and how the meaning changes slightly in a sentence depending on how it is used.

Well done Robins. Lots of children showed good learning behaviours in English and received silver cards!