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Poppy and Lord Ted Newsletter

Robins! If, like us, you have subscribed to the free Poppy and Lord Ted newsletter, you too will have received the first editions…featuring Bells Farm and you Robins!
It is clear Tim (as we now know TM Jorden) was as impressed with you all, as we were. You really made an impression.
What a wonderful way to start the summer holidays, a full page on TM Jordan’s newsletter.
Well done Robins.
Stay safe and enjoy the summer.

Surprise Visit!

Last Week Robins made some predictions about a new book.

Robins were very surprised when the Author T.M Jorden came to visit them!

On Monday Year 4 Robins we’re excited to be having a Zoom call from up and coming author Mr TM Jorden!
Having been given 5 signed copies of his debut novel they had devoured them and were eager to see him and get to ask some questions!
Mrs Sabir had read the first chapter to the whole class and soon Robins were speculating as to what would happen next! Those in the class who had begun to read it, as well as Lexi who had read all 200+ pages in 2 night, were beaming with positive reviews.
Robins had written letters to Tim (TM Jorden), blogged on the website, visited the Poppy and Lord Ted website, baked some of the recipes and written reviews. Not to mention while appraising work by the musician Gustav Holst, decided that his works named “Planets” was perfect for certain characters in the book!
Mr Lo and Mrs Sabir couldn’t be prouder of the effort and enthusiasm Robins have put into this, just from reading The adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted- The first summer.
Having a chance to speak to Tim was a real treat…
Until the Zoom had technical difficulties and Mrs Sabir disappeared to try and sort it…..
returning… behind…. TM Jorden himself!  Just outside Year 4 Robin’s classroom!
 What a huge surprise that was! And in his backpack was Lord Ted himself!!!
Robin’s welcomed Tim and Lord Ted.
Tim (as we now know him) was wowed by the class and their letters, got emotional over how beautifully some of the children read extracts from the book .
We also showed him our passion for reading. See below for a clip of us reading.

We were all blown away with the question and answer session too! Look below for a short snippet.
Not to mention how impressed he was by lots of the children’s handwriting!
Rocking Robins you deserve all the praise.
 A huge thank you to Tim for coming in and giving up so much time to talk to, inspire and listen to everyone.
Everyone who has read it, loves it and the rest will be reading it as we return. Can’t wait for more in the series…

Making Predictions!

Robins have been very excited this week. They are the first pupils to read an extract from a new book , “The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted”

They then made predictions.


After that, Robins wrote persuasive letters to persuade TM Jorden to come visit our School.


and guess what! The Author TM Jorden personally gave us 5 copies of the new book!


I wonder whether he will come next week?!


Exciting News!

Robins are super excited to find out that there is a new and upcoming author releasing his first children’s book….and Mrs Sabir knows him!

First-time author T.M Jorden has created a beautiful, enchanting children’s story in the debut title –

The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer

The story follows the extraordinary adventures of 8 year old Poppy as she spends quality time with her grandparents in Derbyshire and with an amazing teddy bear called Lord Ted.

In this first book Poppy meets magical fairies, solves a theft of the crown jewels and has the pleasure of meeting grateful royalty.

The wonderful relationship that Poppy has with her new friends helps her to

learn and appreciate the core values of love, honesty and respect.

The Adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted: The First Summer will be

coming out this Summer!

Have a look at the website and browse around, there is so much to find out!


Watch this space as we are really lucky to be receiving TWO SIGNED copies of the first book soon…and you never know, maybe we could persuade and be lucky enough to have T.M Jorden come and visit!

Enjoying Independent Reading

Robins enjoy reading in the classroom. Recently we have added some new books to the class library.


From Kwame Mbalia and Prince Joel David Makonnen comes an action-packed Afrofuturist adventure about a mythical Ethiopian empire. Sci-fi and fantasy combine in this epic journey to the stars. 

Pippa has kindly donated some of her favourite books to our class library.

What books have you been reading recently?


Happy Handwriting

Robins are super writers!  

We take pride in our handwriting and enjoy reflecting on the improvements we are making over the year.

Below are examples of some the work we have been doing over the past few weeks. We don’t always get it right first time (including Mr Lo!) but the important thing is that we persevere and take pride in our journey of learning.



Writing a new chapter

Over the last few weeks Robins have been enjoying the class reader:  Wild Robot by Peter Brown. Let’s recap the story.

When robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that she is alone on a remote, wild island. She has no idea how she got there or what her purpose is – but she knows she needs to survive. After battling a fierce storm and escaping a vicious bear attack, she realises that her only hope for survival is to adapt to her surroundings and learn from the island’s unwelcoming animal inhabitants.

Recently Robins have worked very hard writing a new chapter for the book. This process has spanned over several days. It has included the writing of character descriptions, setting descriptions, story map planning, drafting and publishing.

Examples of Story Map Planning 


Examples of our writing plans

Examples of our writing

To keep their chapter in the style of Peter Brown’s Wild Robot pupils have worked to include the following features into their writing.

  • repetition
  • personification
  • similes
  • fully punctuated dialogue with an expanded reported phrase (using prepositional phrases)

Robins worked very well in learning how to use their toolkit correctly.

Examples of our published work


Here We Are Project

Robins have been actively part of the Here We Are whole school project.
The book provides a powerful vehicle for children to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in. The words and pictures work together to help children to understand their place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.

Our Here We Are working wall reflects some of the wonderful work Robins have produced.

Robins contribution to the project include:

  1. Original Poems
  2. Writing positive messages to one another.
  3. Produced a leaflet on keeping safe.
  4. Analysing song lyrics. (What a wonderful world)
  5. Researching and appreciating people they admire.
  6. Creative artwork on the natural world.We have collected pieces of work and created our own Here We Are scrap book.

Extension: Enjoy the song, “What a wonderful world”