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Creative Writing

It is brilliant to see that our class’ creative writing is continuing! Amelia has emailed through 2 different pieces of writing. Both stories are great but my favourite is “Left in the cold.” I like how you’ve taken a simple idea to create a very effective short story and I loved the twist at the end. I can’t wait for the next instalment!

Definite Gold Card writing Amelia. Well done!

It would be brilliant to see what other children in the class have been writing.

Remember, it can be any style of writing you like.

If you are able to type them up or take a picture of handwritten work, please send it to the email ad-dress below and add, “FAO MR J Creative Writing” in the subject. I will share as many as I am able to.

For now, enjoy Amelia’s stories and feel free to leave feedback for her in the comments.

Mr Johnston

Creative Writing 1 by Amelia

Creative Writing 2 by Amelia


Creative Writing

We may not be in school but I hope you are still continuing with your own pieces of creative writing. I loved listening to those you shared in class and hope that you will post your writing so that we can add it to the class blog.

If you are able to type them up or take a picture of handwritten work, please send it to the email address below and add, “FAO MR J Creative Writing” in the subject. I will share as many as I am able to.


Please see the separate spelling blog.


There has never been a better time for reading so I hope you are all working towards completing your ERIC challenge.

Please complete the Desert Climate Comprehension this week – answers will be blogged on Friday.

The comprehension document will appear in this blog thread.


I hope you did well with your mini SPAG revision check last week. Please make a comment on the blog to let me know how you did with it.

Please complete this week’s SPAG questions – the document will be in this blog thread.

Fronted adverbials – please match up the fronted adverbials with the correct main clauses. If you have completed this, why not try using the fronted adverbials in sentences of your own or creating your own new ones. Remember to put a comma after the fronted adverbial!

I will add a few more SPAG activities on here during the week, to help keep you ticking over.

Homework Documents
Desert Climate Comprehension
Fronted Adverbial Matching Game Editable
Year 4 English Grammar and Punctuation Test 2

Mr Johnston


As we usually do in class, every Monday I will give a new set of spelling words which you then practise and learn during the week. On the following Monday, please get a member of your family to test you on the words.

We will be using the same lists as I sent out a few weeks ago and, having reviewed the class’ test scores, we start back at week 1. This spelling list is called the ‘Main’ spelling list.

For those of you who were working on a separate set of spellings, we will do the same for you – go back to week 1 to consolidate those spellings. This spelling list is the ‘Extra’ list. Please also feel free to work on the Main spelling list.

Remember to let me know of your achievements in the comments section.

“A bookie and a cookie”

This afternoon Year 4 had a special ERIC… we called it “A bookie and a cookie”.

We all sat and read our book with a lovely chocolate chip cookie..YUM! We remembered to wash our hands before we ate our cookie too.

It’s amazing how long the cookies lasted…little nibbles as they read.

The children have all chosen two reading books to take home today, extra reading is good.

Recommended reads

Year 4 spent their ERIC time in the library today. They took the opportunity to delve into lots of interesting books. There is a new display in the corridor too that has recommended reads from all the teachers… but the children have to wait until next week before they can borrow them. The children have got their eyes on a few of them.

Callum even found one that he had read before and has given it a huge thumbs up, so that’s another recommendation! Can you see which one he has read before?

The recommended reads will keep changing, so keep your eyes out for new titles and old favourites from the teachers!

Video: Edward Tulane stories

Today we finished our Edward Tulane stories. Edward was a much loved “toy” rabbit who was sadly thrown overboard, caught in a fishing net and rescued by a fisherman. He was lived all over again until he was sadly thrown on a rubbish heap.

The children wrote how Edward ended up in these different places and how he felt.

Amelia shared her story with class… Have a watch below…

Enjoying Reading In Class

Year 4 started their week off with a great session of ERIC, Enjoying Reading In Class.

Lots of children used the time to go to the library with Mrs Sabir, the rest stayed in class reading independently, paired reading or being read to by Mr Johnston.

Well done year 4, you are showing great maturity and enthusiasm for reading.

Enjoying our school library

Today year 4 spent a very enjoyable session in the school library.

The children looked through all the different sections, browsing, sharing, discussing, advising, encouraging and reading! Some read together, others read as a group or alone.

The children all found different comfortable spots to relax and read both in the library and then back in class.

Oliver was so excited about the book on stars and galaxies, he even asked Mrs Sabir to read some of it to him…. lengthy discussions followed! Oliver already knows so much and couldn’t wait to learn more. Well done Oliver.

Callum, who insisted there wouldn’t be a book he’d like, was engrossed in a fact book that he couldn’t wait to finish in class. Perfect Callum.

Alexi couldn’t choose between all the puppy and kitten story books that grabbed her attention… one at a time Alexi.

Nathan can’t wait to get back in the library and get closer to the huge pop up book! I wonder if you’ve seen it in there? Go and have a look.

Remember KS1 children can use the library every playtime and KS2 can use it every lunchtime to browse and borrow books.

Don’t forget there is a box of books out in the playground everyday too.

Past tense words

Year 4 have been working super hard this afternoon on their past tense words. They showed excellent team work skills, taking turns and listened to each others ideas.

Not only that but they applied the four rules and used them brilliantly.

Mrs Sabir was really impressed with the handwriting too! Keep it up Robins!