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Sequencing in Reading

Robins have been learning how to sequence and summarise in their guided reading lessons. They were given a timeline of the topic of Electricity (which just so happens to fit in with our Science this term) and asked to put it in order. It was made much trickier as some of the dates were BC. Well done Robins!

Varjak Paw

Today, Emma very kindly hot seated herself as Julius from our class novel – Varjak Paw. The children asked her questions, mainly why she was so unpleasant to the amin character in the story – Varjak. She played er part really well and was extremely unkind and very full of her own importance (as the character obviously!) Well done Emma! The children now have some excellent traits to use in their character profile

The Street Beneath My Feet

Today, Robins started their new class book…The Street Beneath My Feet’. There were gasps of excitement when Mrs Calbreath opened it as it’s a book that unfolds to demonstrate all the layers of the Earth. They spent time studying the pictures together and reading the different pages. Tomorrow, they will plan their book review.

Punctuating Speech

This week in English, Robins have been learning how to punctuate speech. They used their knowledge of our class book this term: The fantastic flying books of Mr Morris Lessmore, along with their drama skills, to plan and perform a conversation. It really helped with the planning, and they were able to transfer it to their actual writing of the conversation. Well done, Robins!

The Promise

This week we looked at our new class reader, “The Promise” We listened to the story and read it together.

We then were inspired to draw two contrasting pieces of art based on Druids Heath.

One showing how dull the area would be without nature and one with.

Orientation: 1
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Extension: Listen to a read aloud of the book below.

On a mean street in a mean city, a thief tries to snatch an old woman’s bag. But she finds she can’t have it without promising something in return – to “plant them all”. When it turns out the bag is full of acorns, the young thief embarks on a journey that changes her own life and the lives of others for generations to come. Inspired by the belief that a relationship with nature is essential to every human being, and that now, more than ever, we need to renew that relationship, The Promise is the story of a magical discovery that will touch the heart and imagination of every reader, young and old. With poignant simplicity, honesty and lyricism, Nicola Davies evokes a powerful vision of a world where people and nature live in harmony. And Laura Carlin’s delicate illustrations capture a young girl’s journey from a harsh, urban reality to the beauty and vitality of a changed world.

Family Themed Poetry

Mr Lo loves reading poetry and today we took English outside. We enjoyed exploring different family themed poems. We talked about why we liked or didn’t like them and discussed the vocabulary and features. Mr Lo then gave us 15 minutes to prepare to perform the poem using good volume, fluency and expression for the FIRST TIME!! We did a very good job! Take a look below!

Don’t forget to read them aloud at home with even more passion!

Our recommended poems.

Poems on a theme: Family 

  • The Trouble with My Brother  by Brian Patten
  • The Youngest  Michael Rosen
  • There are Four Chairs Round the Table – John Foster 
  • My Mum Says – Alison Chisholm 
  • Dad – Berlie Doherty 
  • A Book for a Daughter – Joseph Coelho 
  • Parents! – John Foster 
  • Dad’s Whiskery Kiss – John Foster 
  • Grandma – A F Harrold 
  • Family Meals – Michaela Morgan