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Raffle Prizes and more!


Well done to Ryan, Zach and Dylan for receiving this weeks Gold Raffle Prizes.  They have shown great behaviours for learning this week. Keep it up!

Amaya and Lexi for receiving their Pen Licence.

Finally, Mr Lo would like to congratulate all Robins for showing an improvement in their Times-Table recall scores. Let’s keep it up!

Writing an Information Poster

Robins have been learning all about Non-Chronological Information writing. Robins identified that Non- Chronological reports  are non-fiction texts, meaning they should be full of facts, detail, and information.

To apply their knowledge Robins have been writing a poster to provide information about the city in our class book, “Varjak Paw”

Robins have been enjoying the chapter book and at lunchtime Paige and Dylan asked to borrow the iPad to blog about it!

First they had to write their plans, consider the use of headings, sub-headings and paragraphs. Moreover, they needed to use their own creativity and retrieval from memory skills as current information about what The City in the book is actually like was limited .(but we will know more about it later and be writing a guide to the City for cats later !)

Following their initial planning, they then shared their plans to discuss how they could improve their writing further.


The following day Robins concentrated hard on producing their final pieces of information writing.


Extension: Can you remember all these features?

  • An eye-catching heading in a large font
  • An introductory paragraph
  • Text split up into paragraphs and each paragraph giving a different aspect of information.
  • Sub-headings for each paragraph
  • Usually written in the present tense
  • Lists of facts in bullet points
  • Pictures of the subject
  • Captions under each picture to explain what is in the picture
  • Diagrams with labels
  • Graphs or charts showing information about the subject
  • Boxes containing interesting individual facts to grab the attention of the reader
  • Technical vocabulary in bold, possibly with a glossary at the end

New Books!

On Wednesday’s library session we had a surprise visit by Miss Williams.

She presented to us a range of fantastic new books for our class library.

Can you remember which book you are most interested in reading? Let us know!


Robins have been working pretty hard on their spellings.
Our class aim for spellings is to know all our Common Exception Words by Christmas!.
To help us achieve this, we now have the latest spelling software Spelling Shed.

Be sure to log onto it every week. It will be updated regularly with the current spelling patterns taught in class.

Robins are recommended to spend at least 10 minutes a day on Spelling Shed three times a week.

Our current Top 10 Spelling Bees in the Robins Shed are:

From December, Mr Lo will be organising some prizes so get spelling!

Looking at the whole school hive, Robins are 2nd. Keep it up! (Perhaps we will be number 1 next week!)

Remember: you can log on any device that has a web browser at

Enjoying our reading

Recently in Eric Robins have enjoyed reading at some books Mr Lo read as a child (Can any parents remember Rupert the Bear, The Dandy and Dorling Kindersley encyclopedias?) and some new books! The latest book Mr Lo has bought for Robins is the new JK Rowling book, Ickabog. (Dylan was very excited and setup his own reading Ickabox aloud corner.)

Well done to everyone and keep on reading (and updating the ERIC reading challenge)!

Video: Children in Need

It has been a fun and eventful week with many important activities including Remembrance Day and Children in Need. (Thank-you Zach for sharing information about your Grandad.)

Thank you to all Robins for your donations. Before break we decided to have a bit of fun by building confidence and showing that we are proud of our support.

Moreover, we showed excellent behaviours for learning in during our handwriting. Well done! We’re on the way to getting our pen licences.

Extension: Here is a short fact file for Children in Need. Don’t forget we must read every day and at least three times a week at home.