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Ancient Greece workshop

Today Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon with the ‘Freshwater Theatre Company’.

We went back in time to Ancient Greece and took part in a number of games all based around different aspects of Ancient Greece. We mimed actions for Greek gods, learnt about their many inventions and reinacted a famous Greek myth.

Going for goals

Robins discussed were going for goals this week and thought about what qualities the Olympic athletes had such as stamina, natural ability and regular practise.

They heard the story about Richard the Brave who watched the perseverance of a small spider spinning a web which inspired him.

The class made a mind map and shared ideas of their personal goals which ranged from what they aim to do by the end of Year 4 to what they aim to do when they are adults.

Repetiton and tilting



Year 4 Robins continued with their Hopscotch work today during Computing with Mr Baddhan. They today learned the function of the repeat block to use blocks more than once instead of adding them separately.

Mr Baddhan showed the children an easy way to create equilateral shapes like a square using a repeat block.

The following is an example of a square shape in Hopscotch.

Move Forward 300
Turn 90 degrees
Move Forward 300
Turn 90 degrees
Move Forward 300
Turn 90 degrees
Move Forward 300

Bu the simpler way was to use the repeat function on the following blocks instead:

Move Forward 300
Turn 90 degrees

After this task, the children were introduced to the tilt function. They were asked to move their character left to right on the iPad screen using the tilt function.

Democracy Rules

Year 4 voted for Daneil and Jessica
Year 4 voted for Daneil and Jessica


Year 4 Robins today voted for their School council representatives. They were given a piece of paper to record their vote, they then placed them in the voting box and Mrs Knipe counted the votes.

The two representatives voted by their classmates for this year are Daneil and Jessica well done to you both.

Mental Multiplication


This week Year 4 have been practising working out multiplication problems in their head. On Tuesday we played some games that required us to solve problems in the 3, 6 and 9 times tables.

We also used multiplication squares in maths. These helped his to recognise the different patterns. We know that there are links between the 3, 6 and 9 times table.

Do you?

Maths Week!

This week we’re holding a maths themed week in school. It will be full of fun and exciting activities, competitions and games for all the children (and families) at Bells Farm. We will be sending home a family quiz, where all the answers will be numbers, will be holding daily competitions or challenges and will even be involving the school kitchen where each day’s menu will have a maths ‘theme’!

On Friday we are hoping you will all get involved by sending your child into school with a maths themed hat……it could be a baseball cap with numbers or a bonnet with shapes, a spiral hat with number lines or sequences…..we know how inventive you all are. We will send out some more ideas at the start of the week, but perhaps you can get your thinking caps on now (maths ones of course) in readiness.

We know the children at Bells Farm all enjoy and get a lot of learning from our themed weeks, and this maths week will be no exception. We want to show the children that maths IS fun and can be creative and enjoyable in many different ways.