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Video: Holy books

Today year 4 looked back at last week’s lesson on religions, their places of worship and their holy books.

This week we took some time to look at some Holy books. We had a few copies of the Bible. They were beautiful to look at and interesting. Some were written in older English and other a little easier to read. We also had a children’s Bible in the classroom, which had some bible stories in that were even easier to read.

We also had a couple of copies of the Quran. They were written in Arabic with English translation and meanings. Arabic is written from left to right unlike English, which is right to left.

The children enjoyed reading the texts and wanted to read extracts from both the Bible and the Quran.
Impressively, Lexi knew exactly which story she wanted to read out and Dehwa knew a section of the Quran of by heart. He was helped by Ibrahim to start it off in the name of “Allah” God. Blessed read a very difficult passage, which had a lot of names in- good job Blessed.

Have a look at them in action.

Video: Playing Abba tunes on the Glockenspiels

We only had our first lesson on Monday and now we’ve had our second lesson (Wednesday).

In this lesson we listened and appraised a few more Abba songs including Dancing Queen, The winner takes it all and …. Waterloo.

When Mr Lo first mentioned Waterloo there were a few giggles… but Mr Lo soon put them right and told them… “No…. it isn’t a toilet with water…!”

Listening to the songs many pupils expressed their opinions including

Paige – I really like the beat. I’ve heard the songs before.
Leah – I like the words (lyrics)
Tanatswa – I also like the beat
Scarlet – I can hear the guitars again.
Jessica – And we can hear the pianos.

With just two lessons, Robins have excelled again; take a sneek peek at the clip below to see the progression made!


Robins have been working pretty hard on their spellings.
Our class aim for spellings is to know all our Common Exception Words by Christmas!.
To help us achieve this, we now have the latest spelling software Spelling Shed.

Be sure to log onto it every week. It will be updated regularly with the current spelling patterns taught in class.

Robins are recommended to spend at least 10 minutes a day on Spelling Shed three times a week.

Our current Top 10 Spelling Bees in the Robins Shed are:

From December, Mr Lo will be organising some prizes so get spelling!

Looking at the whole school hive, Robins are 2nd. Keep it up! (Perhaps we will be number 1 next week!)

Remember: you can log on any device that has a web browser at

Celebrating similarities and embracing differences

It’s Anti Bullying week and Robins have highlighted the importance of celebrating similarities as well as embracing differences.

Our class has a zero tolerance to bullying and everyone has shared their thoughts on how friendly and wonderfully diverse our class is. Together we are united against bullying.

Did you know that over the past few weeks Robins have been sharing different languages on how to greet. This week we decided we should have a language wall.

Thank you, Layla, and Tanatswa for helping out!

How many different languages can you remember?

Robins against bullying!

Anti-Bullying is a something Robins feel strongly about. We have been wearing our badges with pride and this morning our super journalist Ava collected found out what our class thought about the question, Why is  Anti-Bullying Week  important?. As she was asking around, she wrote down key thoughts.

Points include..

Lilly W – Bullying is really rude. We need to stop it.

Pippa – It’s important as it helps us stop bullying.

Millie – It helps us be aware of what is bullying and how not to be a bully.

Dylan – It shows the importance of why people must not bully.

Zach– It’s important as it’s all about how to stop bullying.

Tanatswa – It’s an opportunity to celebrate differences, that’s why we wear the odd socks.

Paige – Reminds us that we have to know each other’s differences.

Playing badminton

Robins have had a fun packed afternoon developing their hand eye co-ordination skills by playing Badminton. Mr Gill was very impressed with everyone’s determination to succeed in finding out the best way to serve. Keep it up!

Extension: Find out all about Badminton below. (it counts as one of your reading targets!)

Enjoying our reading

Recently in Eric Robins have enjoyed reading at some books Mr Lo read as a child (Can any parents remember Rupert the Bear, The Dandy and Dorling Kindersley encyclopedias?) and some new books! The latest book Mr Lo has bought for Robins is the new JK Rowling book, Ickabog. (Dylan was very excited and setup his own reading Ickabox aloud corner.)

Well done to everyone and keep on reading (and updating the ERIC reading challenge)!

Rock Out 2020

Well done Robins! Despite only just coming back from the Bubble Closure Robins actively took part in the Maths Week England. Since it was a very busy week we only had time to participate after school. Over 31,000 classes, and over 400,000 pupils took part and answered a total of 441.93 million questions answered correctly.

Although we didn’t win (Remember, it’s not about winning but taking part to help improve ourselves that counts!) , we did come 5166th place which meant we had beaten over 25,000 classes. Super work!

Our Top 3 Players in the competition were Tanatswa , Ava and Dylan. They have all been awarded a limited-edition TT Rockstars Guitar Keyring. Congratulations!

This half-term Y4 Robins have a whole class aim to recall their 2x 5x and 10x table within 3 seconds.

Robins are expected to play TT-Rockstars for a minimum of 10 minutes at home each week (and Maths Shed for a minimum of 10 minutes each week)

Get playing now to improve your reaction time!

Video: Mama Mia!

It’s a new week and a new topic! This week we’re covering Music! Robins have travelled back to the 70’s and listened to the hugely famous Mamma Mia.

First Mr Lo showed a photo of Abba and asked Robins to guess the decade it’s from. Most chose the 80’s but now we know it’s the 70s! (Abba was a Swedish pop group formed in 1972)

Robins actively listened and pointed out they could hear the drums, guitar and other percussion instruments.
Although we can’t sing the song due to the current Covid restrictions we did develop our rhythm skills and learn about musical notation.

Can you remember which notes we concentrated on? (G / A )

Here is a guide to help you remember.

Finally, Robins had a go on the Glockenspiels and even performed part of the song MamaMia. Have a look at a short clip below!

Extension: At home ask your grandparents if they can remember any more Abba hits!
Don’t forget you can access the lesson on Charanga. Go here to login –> (click the pupil login button on the left)

If you can’t remember your login details; please ask Mr. Lo to let you know .