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Mercifulness and Forgiveness

Today Year 4 learnt about mercy and forgiveness in religions through stories.

The first story was from the Bible, of Joseph. He was hated by his brothers and sold as a slave. Joseph had a hard life until a pharaoh took a liking to him when he would interpret his dreams. The Pharaoh made Joseph an important person and Joseph helped many people when he saved food through the 7 year harvest and helped others through the 7 year famine. He then met his brothers again and forgave them for what they had done.

They then saw the story of Corrie Ten Boom. She helped Jewish people hide in her families home when the German soldiers wanted to capture them. Unfortunately, the family were caught and put into prison. The Family that they hid were saved and safe, but Corrie and her family suffered badly. Corrie believed God wanted her to forgive all those that had been hurtful to her and she forgave them all.

There are similarities between the story of Joseph from the Bible and Corrie Ten Boom. They both show forgiveness. Joseph forgave his brothers when they were mean to him and Corrie Ten Boom forgave all the people that were cruel to her and all the other Jews. It takes a very tolerant person to forgive others. It shows they have compassion too. We all need to forgive.

Red Nose Day

Today is Red Nose Day. The children worse something red or dressed up as a Disney character and brought in £1 to raise money for this worthy cause.

This year Red Nose Day donations will go towards supporting important issues like homelessness, hunger, domestic abuse and mental health, all of which have been impacted by Covid-19.

Power of advertising

Today Year 4 looked at the power of advertising. We are bombarded by adverts on the television, when we are playing games online, newspapers, magazines, billboards on the streets, on the radio and in shops.

Year 4 discussed how they adverts influence what we buy. There are lots of ways that adverts and packaging make us want to buy the product. There are bright packages, enticing pictures, celebrity endorsements, special offers and catchy jingles.

Robins had a lot of fun recalling jingles and different adverts that they liked (even though they don’t buy or want that product). It is interesting to see the power of the advertising how these influence us by staying in our heads.

Some of the class’ favourites were Go Compare, McDonalds, Tesco’s, Coca Cola, to name just a few.

Can you recognise any of these famous brands just with small clues? Have a go…

The meaning of Christmas for Christians

Today Year 4 recapped on the meaning of Christmas for Christians. Christmas means a lot of different things for lots of people, Christians and non-Christians. In this country many people will take the time to celebrate and be with family in their own way.

We brainstormed what Christmas meant to us:

Mince pies
……the list was long…almost as long as thier Christmas wish lists!

We then talked about the real meaning of Christmas and it was good to know that there is a great deal of knowledge about the Christmas Story, Jesus’ birth, the Nativity, King Herod and why it is so important in the Christian faith. The class also discussed how Jesus is also a part of the Jewish and Muslim faith- he is recognised in both religions, as well as mentioned in the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

The children then brainstormed words again and added some. Here are a few:

Wise men
King Herod

The children then used their favourite words to create some word art. They used their growing skills of manipulating a program and chose shapes to put their words into.

Have a look at some of their work.

Some of the class finished off with a quiz….do you know any of the answers?
See if you’re right…send us a message and we will let you know!

Let us know if you have some answers…. we are waiting to hear from you.

So, from everyone in Year 4- Merry Christmas to you all.
Stay safe and enjoy the holiday.

Video: Holy books

Today year 4 looked back at last week’s lesson on religions, their places of worship and their holy books.

This week we took some time to look at some Holy books. We had a few copies of the Bible. They were beautiful to look at and interesting. Some were written in older English and other a little easier to read. We also had a children’s Bible in the classroom, which had some bible stories in that were even easier to read.

We also had a couple of copies of the Quran. They were written in Arabic with English translation and meanings. Arabic is written from left to right unlike English, which is right to left.

The children enjoyed reading the texts and wanted to read extracts from both the Bible and the Quran.
Impressively, Lexi knew exactly which story she wanted to read out and Dehwa knew a section of the Quran of by heart. He was helped by Ibrahim to start it off in the name of “Allah” God. Blessed read a very difficult passage, which had a lot of names in- good job Blessed.

Have a look at them in action.