D&T Electric Circuit Fairgrounds

Well done, Robins. We have successfully completed our Electric Circuit Funfairs.

Skill: Measuring accurately in centimetres and millimetres.

Skill: Cut materials accurately and safely by selecting appropriate tools and apply appropriate cutting and shaping techniques that include cuts within the perimeter of the material (such as slots or cut outs).


Skill: Create series and parallel circuits


Enjoying our creations


Staying the same or time for a change?

In PSHE we had various discussions.

1.What things do we do the same every day?

Responses included:

Make friends
Brush teeth
Go to bed
Wash hands
Get dressed
Wash face

2. Why do we do the same things every day?

They are fun to do
Essential to life
If you don’t get dressed, how can you go to school?
Clean away germs
Good hygiene
Don’t want to be lazy
Get into routine

3.What would it be like if the World stayed the same?
Everyone will be like you
Feel hollow
Nothing to do

No new things (buildings, toys, food, music, etc)
No learning at school

4.What do the following words make you think of?
Variety- choice of food and drink, lots of things to do, options
Freshness- new, clear, clean, good hygiene
Challenge- learn new things, facing something hard
Opportunity- to correct something, try something new