D&T Flatbreads

Over this half term Robins have been through the D&T Development Process.

Today, Robins developed their D&T Cookery Skill and then evaluated what they had made.

Below is a summary of the skills everyone has developed.

Learning to turn on and off the hobs

To make the flatbread they followed the main instructions and then finally tailored it to meet the needs of their flatbread.

Take a look at Robins in action below! (Well done to those of you who helped wash up!)

In the afternoon, we also enjoyed tasting and evaluating.

VLOG: Electronics

Robins were extremely impressed with Isla’s video log on using her new electronics kit. She demonstrated her knowledge learnt on electrical circuits and has shown confidence in speaking aloud. Well done ISLA!

P.S Another shout out to our Robins football team! Well done!!!


After the Romans invaded Britain, it was generally peaceful and prosperous and many Britons actually welcomed life under the Romans as they offered protection against other tribes and they could join the army. Most Celtic tribes had surrendered but the Iceni Tribe were allowed to remain – under the rule of King Prasutagus and Queen Boudicca.

Today, Robins learnt about Boudicca and imagined how Boudicca felt when Marcus told her the Romans would be seizing all her land and turning her out of her house.

They also had a go at reading a script and performing it. Below is a glimpse of them practising the reading of the script.

Diluting and Dissolving

In science this week the children have been learning about diluting and dissolving.

Dissolving is a process in which a substance known as the ‘solute’ (e.g sugar) dissolves in another substance known as the ‘solvent’ (e.g water). The solute is completely broken down from larger molecules into smaller molecules after contact with the solvent.

We tested out whether a solid was soluble or insoluble by mixing it with water. Soluble solids included sugar and coffee granules. Insoluble solids included sand and a paperclip!

For diluting, we carried out an experiment to investigate how adding water affects the taste of squash.

Trying out different concentrations of squash!

Testing our programming

Today in computing we had a programming lesson.

We discussed computational thinking and the importance of having perseverance when programming as the instructions we give may not always work the way we want.

We were given the task to create a program that can give a knock-knock joke. The children added two sprites and then added a backdrop.

Have a look at some of our work below.

James had a go using the text to speech coding.

Extension:  Click here to try the project at home.