Sound travels!

This week’s science lesson we have been understanding what happens to sound as it travels, describing how sounds change as they pass through different mediums (solids, liquids and gases) and test how sound travels through different materials.

Fun facts

Did you know that sound is a vibration that travels through different materials?

Sound is made when an object vibrates. When an object vibrates, the air around it begins to vibrate, and these vibrations enter your ear as sound.

These vibrations create sound waves that then travel through solids, liquids and gases but not a vacuum, otherwise known as a completely empty space.

Sound travels four times faster in water than it does in air. The denser the medium is, the faster sound can travel through it. It travels at around 1,230 kilometres per hour.  


Robins love to celebrate success. Well done Elias for winning bronze at the Taekwondo British Championships

Did you know? 태권도/跆拳道 Taekwondo is a Korean form of martial arts characterized by punching and kicking techniques, with emphasis on head-height kicks, spinning jump kicks, and fast kicking techniques.


Today Year 4  were looking at the disposition of “Being curious and valuing knowledge”. They looked at asking “why”.

The class came up with lots of questions they wanted to know the answers to. There were some weird and wonderful questions, some about school, some about the universe, some about science and some about Mrs Sabir…

They discussed if there was such a thing as a “bad question” and pretty much decided that there wasn’t. Being curious leads to finding answers and furthering knowledge that they did not have before. It can keep their brains ticking and help them to find out more.

Year 4 decided that asking “why” was great and very important.

What do you think?

What “why” question would you ask?

Y4 Ed Tech Stars

Let’s look at the top players over the last 14 days!

Spelling Shed Stars

Joseph, Yusuf, Ryan, Alex R, Aizah, Elias, Alex S, Amudha

Maths Shed Stars

Angel, Shriya, Yusuf, Ryan, Jack, Amudha,James


Bethany, Shriya, Amudha, Ran, Reva, Corban, Jacob, Alex R , Ayra, Elias, Sam, Aizah

Developing Experts Science Stars

Amudha, Olivia, Anren, Isla, Reva, Corban, Ryan, Shriya, Yusuf, Tatenda, Musa , Jack

Keep up the excellent learning!