Y4 Gymnastics

Today, Robins enjoyed Gymnastics.

Over the summer term they are improving  many of their gymnastic skills including balancing, rolling and identifying supporting muscle groups.

Extension: Do you know all your gymnastics vocabulary?


DT: Electronics Project : Update


Recently Robins have continued to work on their DT Project.

On Monday all groups successfully created the motor circuit with a switch.

Today we talked about the importance of instruction writing,  discussed the instructions and began making the pulley system.

Of course, before we began working;  we talked about the safety of using tools.

Robins were very good and were able to identify that the hazards from using a saw an a heat glue gun.

Robins had great fun identifying the motor, drive belt (rubber band) , plastic pulley, shaft and bearings (wooden wheel).

Let’s have a look at their progress.

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Similarities and Differences

Today, in PSHE we thought about similarities, differences, and prejudice. We looked at the book The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan.

With very little clues we didn’t know what to expect. The pictures had us all engrossed but what was the point? What was happening? Why was everything so industrial?

As we went through the book, we saw lots of clues on how the surroundings were so different. Lots of pipes and very grim.

The book has no blurb…which made us even more curious about the story.

As we read the book and delved into the pictures the class were full of questions and wonders…

“Why is everyone ignoring the Thing”
“The parents seem too busy to pay their son any attention.”
“Is the Thing being ignored because it is so different?”
“The place looks very mechanical, there are lots of pipes. There must be a lot of pollution.”

As the Lost Thing finds a place to stay, the class wrote ideas on what they thought the moral of the story was:

Lexi– Always help others.
Havana– It’s good to be different.
Jessica– Treating people with respect even though they are not the same.
Ava– We are different but equal and appreciate each other’s differences.
Seth– It reminds me of Here We Are. It makes you think.

Have a look at some of the pages….see what you think.

Cover of Book
Inside Pages of Book

DT Project: Electronics and Funfairs!

Over the past few days Robins have learnt all about electronic circuits. In one of the lessons we looked at Motors, Buzzers, light bulbs in a series circuit with a switch.

Soon, we are going to use this new knowledge in our upcoming DT project, “Making a Funfair Ride”

Today, Robins discussed all about fun fairs.  We had some mixed responses.

Tanatswa & Ava – They are lots of fun 
Paige & Dylan
  – They are eye catching.
Amaya – I went to the funfair yesterday. It was lots of fun.
Seth – I don’t like them. They make me uncomfortable.

We looked at photo’s of different rides and discussed the following:

  • The types of ride you see
  • How the rides move
  • What the rides look like
  • What makes them interesting
  • How you think the rides might work
  • Who the rides might be designed for
  • What materials the rides are made from.

Finally Robins put their thoughts onto paper.

Stay tuned for more work in progress!

Funky Fractions and Decimals

Over the past few days Robins have been recapping their knowledge of fractions, having a lot of fun exploring the link between fractions and multiplication/division and learning new knowledge on numbers with up to two decimal places.

Take a look at some of their findings!

Moreover, Scarlet and Millie have been working really hard  grasping all the concepts we have been learning  on decimals. Well done!


This week we also have had several Mathstronaughts earning their place on the whole school league table.
Well done Dylan, Amaya, Zach, Blessed, Lexi, Paige, Ryan and Jacinta!

and during election day we monitored our TT-Rockstar points. Well done to Dylan, Blessed and Ava scoring the top three points!


and… well done to Ibrahim and Jacinta. Both have improved their overall recall speeds. Jacinta is now achieving a recall speed (studio speed ) of 0.93 seconds a question!


Don’t forget to regularly log onto Maths Shed, TT-Rockstars and Purple Mash to support your Maths learning!

Extension Activities:

Have you tried the tetris fraction wall game on Purple Mash?!

BBC Bitesize –  Fractions

BBC Bitesize – Decimals 

Dad’s Worksheets on Fractions

Conductors and Insulators

Robins have been working together to test different materials to establish whether they are conductors or insulators.

First they had to collect the required equipment and setup the circuit.

Didn’t they  have fun?!


They then had to record their findings.


Extension: Watch the BBC Teach video on Insulators and Conductors

Here We Are Project

Robins have been actively part of the Here We Are whole school project.
The book provides a powerful vehicle for children to reflect on and make sense of the world we are all living in. The words and pictures work together to help children to understand their place in the world and to move forward together in a positive and constructive way.

Our Here We Are working wall reflects some of the wonderful work Robins have produced.

Robins contribution to the project include:

  1. Original Poems
  2. Writing positive messages to one another.
  3. Produced a leaflet on keeping safe.
  4. Analysing song lyrics. (What a wonderful world)
  5. Researching and appreciating people they admire.
  6. Creative artwork on the natural world.We have collected pieces of work and created our own Here We Are scrap book.

Extension: Enjoy the song, “What a wonderful world”

Outdoor Fun with Rounders

Take a look at all the fun outdoor sports activities Robins have been enjoying!

Our aims in playing the sport include:

  1. Throw and catch the ball with increasing accuracy
  2. Hit the ball into zones to score points
  3. Work as an individual to keep score

Reading: Take some time to read more about the sports!

Exciting Electricity

Recently Robins are having fun learning all about electricity and electrical circuits.

Robins have discussed :-
– how electricity can occur naturally( e.g lightning ) and other sources of electricity (e.g fossil fuels, nuclear, solar and geothermal)
– appliances that run on electricity

Robins showed a lot of curiosity and critical thinking when discussing electrical circuits. Can you remember the names of each piece of equipment?

Robins also worked well together; discovering how to connect a complete circuit to light a light-bulb.


Did you know you can find lots of extra information on the internet too?!
Why not read up more about electrical circuits by clicking on the extra resources below.

BBC – Electrical Circuits

The School Run – What is Electricity?

DK Find Out – Circuits

Do you know anything else about Electricity and Electrical circuits? Don’t forget to reply to this blog and share your information!