Professor McGinty


We were so lucky to have an amazing visit from Professor McGinty to kick start our new topic. The Mad Professor was absolutely brilliant and taught us lots of amazing facts about the Romans. He was also dazzled by how much the Robins knew about the romans already.

He took us back in time to the land of the pointy doo-doo sheds. This is his name for Celtic huts, as they were stuck together using animal poo! The Celts lived in Britain before the Romans invaded. We learned about all of the things that the Romans brought to Britain.

First of all, we saw a letter that had Roman Numerals as an address.

Bonus points to anyone reading the blog that can tell us what the date on the envelope is.

We also learned about the sponge on a stick that was shared in the public toilets, what they wore, what their money looked like and what they drank from.

We had an amazing session and it got us all really excited about our new topic.

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