First day back to school

Year 4 Robins had a wonderful start to the year! 4 a day maths questions which will be how we start each day… but there was fun to follow. Robins enjoyed a circle time where they played some games and then had a chance to express their thoughts on coming back to school, what they are looking forward to and to share their holiday experiences.

The children expressed their thoughts on what they wanted to get better at while in Robins.

Some of the answers were:

Get better at dividing
9x tables and tables in general
getting used to being in Year 4
Being independent
Making more friends

Such a lot of goals that need to be worked at and I am sure they can be achieved. With the schools value word for the month, PERSEVERANCE, this should not be too hard.

We also talked about school and classroom rules. children matched the rules they thought we should abide by with the rules that we already have. It was clear that our school rules cover everything the children wanted in school.

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