Teeth damage experiment

This afternoon, Robins became scientists and devised an experiment to investigate which liquid would cause the least damage to teeth. They discussed the need for a fair test, deciding only the liquid should change each time, with all other aspects remaining the same (such as length of time, amount of liquid, type of container and size of egg). After writing up their method, prediction, reasons for fair testing and drawing a labelled diagram, they set up the experiment.

In a lidded jar they added a large egg and then either 300ml of water, milk, orange juice, black currant squash, coke or vinegar. These will now be left for ten days when children will remove the eggs to assess the damage to the shells (our substitute for teeth!). The children were very excited and are looking forward to watching the experiment “develop” over the next few days!

2 thoughts on “Teeth damage experiment

  1. I am doing an experiment aswell and i have done orange squash and it has turned out to be all red and i am so exited to see what happens to it!!👌🤔😆

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