Being unique

Today, Robins discussed the meaning of uniqueness and all examined their hands carefully. Mrs Parry asked the class what they could learn about themselves and the world from their hands. Tiffanie noticed that everyone has different finger prints and we went on to discuss all being different and individual with different qualities, opinions and perspectives.

Mrs Parry told the children about the famous scientist, Sir Issac Newton, who looked at his hands and deduced that God must exist. He said, “If there were no other evidence for the existence of God then simply my thumb print would convince me.”

Children discovered there are different types of fingerprints (whorls, arches and loops). They used magnifying glasses to decide which type they each had and then printed their own individual set of finger prints!

One thought on “Being unique

  1. Did you know that’s how they find the criminal? That’s why they always check for fingerprints! Very cool and scientific fingerprints. Well Done Year 4

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