Dentist visit

This afternoon Robins were visited by Dr Jugraj Hothi from Bells Lane Dental Practice. He explained and presented lots of information to the children which included:

• What is a dentist?
• What happens at the dentists?
• What are teeth for?
• What types of teeth are there?
• What can go wrong with teeth?
• How do you know if you have a cavity?
• What are safe and unsafe snacks?
• How do you prevent decay?
• What is fluoride?
• What are pits and fissure sealants?
• How is tooth decay fixed?
• What are disclosing tablets?
• How do you brush your teeth properly?

Afterwards, he answered a range of questions from the inquisitive Robins! Here are some of them….

The children all received a free goody bag too!

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