Being merciful and forgiving

Today, Robins have been learning about being merciful and forgiving. Mrs Parry asked the class if they would like to share a time when they had ever broken anything. She told the class about accidentally dropping one of her mother-in-law’s favourite bowls whilst drying up. The class shared some examples together.

They discussed some things that are broken cannot be mended, but it is often possible to mend things that we have broken. If we care for our environment, it is a very good idea to try to mend things rather than always throwing them away and then buying new things. We talked about how these items could be repaired.

– a hole in the toe of my socks? (needle and thread)
– a ripped page in a book? (sellotape)
– a handle that has come off a mug? (superglue
– a puncture in my bike tyre? (puncture kit)
– a cut finger? (sticking plaster)

Mrs Parry asked the children how to repair a broken relationship and explained how Peter, Jesus’ friend had asked him for help. The children heard the parable that Jesus told Peter, called the unforgiving servant and considered forgiveness as a way of mending broken friendships.

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