Robins test out free bikes

Pinder Singh
Pinder Singh

Year 4 were privileged to be the first pupils at Bells Farm to test out twenty one bikes, kindly donated to the school by Halfords. Equipped with new helmets, the children enjoyed riding around the field and one pupil managed to ride a bike for the very first time and received a huge round of applause from his classmates! The children had official press photographs taken, before going back to class to learn all about bike maintenance.

Much to their delight, the talk was given by Pinder Singh, a well-known BMX rider. He gave the children lots of advice and taught them how to tighten the brakes, pump up the tyres, repair punctures and alter the seat height. Before leaving, he kindly signed a few autographs for his star-struck fans! A huge thank you to Halfords for such a generous donation – all the children will have the opportunity to use these bikes within PE lessons.

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  1. I hope you had a great time learning about how to ride a bike when we were in year we had a great time to 😀

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