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Discussing tolerance

During circle time with Mrs Sargant today, We discussed this month’s value word ‘tolerance’.

Robins were asked what they thought tolerance means:

Katie – To respect other peoples behaviour
Shayla – To respect peoples beliefs
Cara – To put up with things that others do or say

They were then asked when they had shown tolerance.


Discussing courage

DSCF6872– “When I finally get my tooth taken out.”

Robins went outside this morning for circle time.

They started off by playing a game, where they had to change places with someone without talking to them. They had to make eye contact with the person they wished to change places with and nod at them.

They played another game that involved one person standing in the middle of the circle saying something that they are good at. Anyone who thought that they are also good at it changed places with them.
Fabian – I am a good goal keeper.
Sahara – I am good at English.
Elizabeth – I am good at maths.
Kian – I am good at parkour/freerunning.

Miss McClelland then asked what the value word is this month and what does it mean? Courage!

Nimca – To have courage to stand up for what you believe in.
Lola – Have the courage to say no if you don’t want to do something.


Then they were asked, if they could think of a time when they may have to show courage in the future?

Emily – I’m going to a new dance class and I’ve never danced in front of anyone else before.”
Elizabeth –“When my granddad has to go to hospital.”

Being mature


In Circle Time today, Robins talked about the things that they could and couldn’t do in Year 1 compared to what they can do in Year 4.

Miss McClelland then asked what Robins thought were good traits of being mature and how they show that they are mature now. Each child then decided on one thing they could work on to become more mature.

There were some very grown up conversations had and the children showed that they know when they are immature.


British Values – Following rules



In circle time with Miss McClelland, Robins were discussing British Values.

Robins, all agreed that British Values are about everyone following rules.


Why do we set rules?
To make the world a better place. – Josh T
So people don’t get hurt. – Evan
Keeping Safe. – Sky
Without rules there would be chaos. – Hanson

How would we go about making new rules?
The Government make lots of new rules, when they do this they have a debate.

What rules would be needed to have a debate?
Hanson – Respect
Lola – Listen
Carley – Speak politely
Omari – Teamwork
Casey – No shouting
Josh T – Wait until someone has finished speaking
Kyann – Be fair
Aisha – Think before you speak
Evan – Don’t interrupt people
Hazel – Speak clearly
Lewis G – Show tolerance

Good learners and teamwork


During Circle Time with Miss Detheridge today, Robins class were asked,

Have you had a good week so far?
These Robins have had a good week because:
Emily – I always have someone to play with.
Kyann – It’s my birthday week.
Jessica – I’ve liked doing my writing.
Nimca – I went on a trip yesterday to Free Radio.

Miss Detheridge then asked what makes a good learner?

How does teamwork make us good learners?

Robins then said to make them good learners they are going to:
Lola – Try hard in her English work.
Wana – Persevere in Maths.
Lewis M – Try harder in PE.
Daneil – Try harder in Maths.
Harley – Not make people laugh in lessons.
Carley – Persevere to get to gold level.
Leo – Try harder with my handwriting.
Henry – Not being afraid to put my hand up and ask for help.