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Black Country Museum trip


On Thursday, Robins visited the Black Country Living Museum as part of their topic about houses and homes.

During the trip, the class split into two groups. The groups went to visit houses lived in by 2 children who both came from different backgrounds.

Miss McClelland’s group looked around Rose Bradley’s house, Rose came from a rich family and went to school and had piano lessons and lived in a lovely house.

Mrs Parry’s group looked around Samuel Webb’s house, Samuel came from a poor family he did not go to school and from the age of 10 worked down the mine.

Robins all had a great time looking around the different houses and learning about the different lives the children led compared to the way they live today.

Stone Age Animals Non Chronological Reports


The Robins have been learning about the Stone Age in Topic and about non chronological reports in literacy. To combine the two, this week the Robins have been working really hard finding out about Stone Age animals in order to write a non chronological report about them.

They’ve been trying really hard and know lots about Stone Age animals. The above photos shows a few of our non chronological reports. Well done Robins!

Henry’s ‘Sabre Tooth Cat’ skull


Robins class have been learning about the Stone Age and this week Henry brought in his replica of a Sabre Tooth Cat skull. We have been writing reports about Sabre Tooth Cats and it was really lovely that Henry brought in his skull to show everyone. He knew lots about the skull and talked at the front of the class to tell everyone about it. All the Robins were very excited and wanted to know what it felt like and how heavy it was. Thank you Henry for bringing it in!

Stone Age


Year 4 are enjoying their Stone Age topic this term. We have already learnt about how different their lives were from ours and we have been fascinated with their daily life. To help us with this topic, we have been watching lots of Horrible Histories clips and reading a selection of books to find out about this time. We are also reading Stig of the Dump by Clive King in class so that we can make some links with our topic. I’m sure that the children will be able to tell you lots of different facts if you ask them.

Roman Soldiers


To continue our theme of Roman Soldiers, we had a go at drawing and painting them this afternoon.

We also planned the design of the Roman clay pots that we will be making next week. We thought about hot to represent the 3D pot on the paper and decided to plan the base as a circle and the outside as a rectangle.

We are looking forward to making them next week and painting them the week after.