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Game making in Kodu

Year 4 Robins have today been get familar with programming using Kodu – a 3D game developing platform.

The children were asked to explore the program and see if they could insert a Rover to move around and collect coins. The coins should vanish once the Rover bumps into them. Points should also be awarded when each coin is collected.

Some of the children grasped today’s task and really enjoyed Kodu.

Designing and making bread

Year 4 Robins have been designing and making their own bread.

We began by collecting ideas for our design by tasting a variety of different breads, looking at the texture, flavour and shape.

Then we came up with a range of different ideas to meet the design specification that was given to us.

After choosing a final design, we then spent the whole day baking our own bread based on our design.

A big thank you to Mr Brunetti for coming in to help us!

Our finished two player car racing games

Year 4 Robins have completed their two player car racing games in Scratch.

The children have shown some fantastic understanding of the event and motion blocks, some even using variables to count each lap.

Press spacebar key to start the game.

Player 1 controls are – Up arrow, Down arrow, Left arrow and Right arrow keys.
Player 2 controls are – W, A, S, D keys to move the car.

Try some of their games below.





Miranda and Khaltum

Two player car racing games

During Computing, Year 4 Robins have been creating two player car racing games in Scratch.

First the children had to create a racing track using the paint tool. They then inserted two car sprites for player 1 and player 2. Once the cars were inserted, the children started to program each car. The important thing was to use the motion blocks and assign keys to move the cars around. They also had to think about the start coordinates for when a car touches the red fence, it took the player back to the start of the game.

The children will finish off by adding variables, which will be used to score each time a car completes a lap.

Robins are close to finishing their games and we’ll have a few examples on our blog next week.

Variables and If, Do, Else statements

Year 4 Robins have today been continuing their understanding of programming by building algorithms with variables and If, Do statements.

The children use a website called ‘Code for Life’ to program a van to drive on a road but wait at traffic lights if the red light appears and move forward if the traffic light is showing green.

Robins were asked to use the least amount of blocks as possible to ensure they get a higher score at the end of the challenge. Some children impressed with Mr Baddhan with their debugging and programming skills.

Creating Etch a Sketch using Scratch

Robins class enjoyed working with Mr Baddhan this afternoon creating an Etch a Sketch game. They were shown how to program their chosen sprites to use the pen up and down blocks. They were asked to create two shapes; a square and a rectangle.

Mr Baddhan also set a challenge, he asked some children to create an instruction screen which explains users how to play the game. They were shown how to do this by using the switch backdrop block.

Ava and Miranda’s Etch a Sketch

Ishmael’s Etch a Sketch