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Year 4 started their week with a check in again.

Once again we shared our lovely weekends telling the class about walking their pet dogs, having sleepovers and enjoying family time.

Some lovely words were used…
Joey felt “Clever” this morning!
Yusif was “Excited about maths”
What a wonderful way to start the week.

Programming using Kodu

Year 4 Robins have today been getting familar with programming using Kodu – a 3D game developing platform.

The children were asked to explore the program and see if they could insert a Rover to move around and collect coins. The coins should vanish once the Rover bumps into them. Points should also be awarded when each coin is collected.

Children were asked to add an apple to their games to take off points when the Rover bumps into them.

Some of the children grasped today’s task and really enjoyed Kodu. Robins will continue with their game making on Friday.

Ancient Greece

Year 4 Robins started their Humanities topic on Ancient Greece today.

They wrote down what they already know and then put down some questions they would like answered by the end of the topic.

It will be interesting to find out answers to these as well as all the others.

Well done Robins.


Year 4 started their morning with a check in. It’s always nice to share news and how we feel.
We have had some lovely words on how we feel like “spectacular” and “excited”.

Some of the children had some adventures over the weekend…like going to the Safari Park and meeting up with family and friends.

Lots of children were excited about upcoming birthdays too.
We shared our news and got ready to work.

A prefect start to the week for Robins. Well done.

Creating Etch a Sketch using Scratch

In the past couple of lessons, Year 4 Robins have been attempting to create an Etch a Sketch game. They were shown how to program their chosen sprites to use the pen up and down blocks. They were asked to create two shapes; a square and a rectangle.

Some children were then able to press different keys to change the pen colour and also change the backdrop.

Here are some of their finished games.





Sophie’s homework online safety program

Sophie has attempted to create a program about online safety which also contains an important message of not sharing photos to strangers.

Mr Baddhan and Miss Edwards were delighted at Sophie’s dedication to work on this program at home with the help from her dad.

Mr Baddhan has awarded a certificate to Sophie for showing such positive creativity skills using Scratch.

Try Sophie’s program below and let her know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

Using coordinates in Scratch Knock Knock program

Year 4 have been programming their sprites to tell each other Knock Knock jokes in Scratch. The children added two sprites and then added a background.

Robins also learned about the coordinates block – learning about the x and y axis of their sprites and program them to start at a specific position on the screen.

They then used the say and wait blocks to create their program.

See some examples of their work below.





Scratch basics

For the next few weeks, Year 4 Robins will be with Mr Baddhan taking part in Computing lessons.

Today’s lesson was to refresh the children on the basics of Scratch. They reminded themselves of the motion blocks, event blocks and sound blocks.

Mr Baddhan was very pleased with the amount of knowledge in Scratch Robins have remembered.

Tales of fear

Robins had an excellent English lesson this morning. They had written up some tales of fear.

Using a peer assessment sheet they looked for certain criteria in their partners work.

They looked for:

• clear paragraphing
• simple sentences to show fear
• Adverbials
• adjectives
• subordinating conjunctions
• figurative language

We were very impressed with how they checked and assessed. Lots of children were ensuring their partners was good but they had ideas on how it could be better.

Samaiya asked if Mrs Sabir could re-read one of her sentences and she and her partner Kenny were struggling with choices of words for one sentence. Mrs Sabir asked her why she thought the sentence may not be right and she said “It just doesn’t sound right.” This is a great way to help edit. Usually if it does not sound right, it usually isn’t.

They worked on the sentence and discussed what they meaning the of the sentence was and they all came up with a suitable word choice.

This ties in with the guided reading we do, where we discuss what words mean and how the meaning changes slightly in a sentence depending on how it is used.

Well done Robins. Lots of children showed good learning behaviours in English and received silver cards!

Smarties get Smarties!

The smarties in Year 4 have all received some smarties!

Bells Farm are helping raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They are eating a tube of Smarties (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!) and then filling the tube with spare change.

All the money collected will go towards helping the hospital make patients, who are hospitalised over Christmas, a little happier in the festive season.

Money will go towards Christmas trees on wards, free TV on Christmas Day as well as free parking for all visitors to the hospital on Christmas day. A worthy cause as it is a time of giving, sharing and being kind to all.

I’m sure the children won’t need much help in finishing the Smarties, but please help them fill their tube with any spare pennies and change.

All tubes can then be brought in to school before they are delivered to the hospital.

Well done all you Year 4 smarties… get eating and filling.