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Year 4 started their week with a check in again.

Once again we shared our lovely weekends telling the class about walking their pet dogs, having sleepovers and enjoying family time.

Some lovely words were used…
Joey felt “Clever” this morning!
Yusif was “Excited about maths”
What a wonderful way to start the week.


Year 4 started their morning with a check in. It’s always nice to share news and how we feel.
We have had some lovely words on how we feel like “spectacular” and “excited”.

Some of the children had some adventures over the weekend…like going to the Safari Park and meeting up with family and friends.

Lots of children were excited about upcoming birthdays too.
We shared our news and got ready to work.

A prefect start to the week for Robins. Well done.

Smarties get Smarties!

The smarties in Year 4 have all received some smarties!

Bells Farm are helping raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They are eating a tube of Smarties (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!) and then filling the tube with spare change.

All the money collected will go towards helping the hospital make patients, who are hospitalised over Christmas, a little happier in the festive season.

Money will go towards Christmas trees on wards, free TV on Christmas Day as well as free parking for all visitors to the hospital on Christmas day. A worthy cause as it is a time of giving, sharing and being kind to all.

I’m sure the children won’t need much help in finishing the Smarties, but please help them fill their tube with any spare pennies and change.

All tubes can then be brought in to school before they are delivered to the hospital.

Well done all you Year 4 smarties… get eating and filling.

First day back to school

Year 4 Robins had a wonderful start to the year! 4 a day maths questions which will be how we start each day… but there was fun to follow. Robins enjoyed a circle time where they played some games and then had a chance to express their thoughts on coming back to school, what they are looking forward to and to share their holiday experiences.

The children expressed their thoughts on what they wanted to get better at while in Robins.

Some of the answers were:

Get better at dividing
9x tables and tables in general
getting used to being in Year 4
Being independent
Making more friends

Such a lot of goals that need to be worked at and I am sure they can be achieved. With the schools value word for the month, PERSEVERANCE, this should not be too hard.

We also talked about school and classroom rules. children matched the rules they thought we should abide by with the rules that we already have. It was clear that our school rules cover everything the children wanted in school.

Fire awareness

Year 4 Robins were joined by the fire service this week, as part of fire awareness. The fire fighters show the children what it would be like to be in a real fire. They talked about what a day as a fire fighter would be like, from saving cats from trees to attending major incidences.

Oscar said ” I though that they were quite clever, because they knew how to put out fires no matter how big or small it is. I learned how quick fire could spread. I never it could spread that fast!”

Ruby said: “I thought the video was a bit terrifying, because in 4 minutes the fire was massive and burning down the house, luckily the fire fighters saved the house. It was funny when they talked on the walkie talkie. The fire fighter on the fire engine said hello to the class.”

Democracy and voting

This week have learnt about how the government works, how they make up the rules for the country and how democracy works. We had a debate about whether we thought it was fair that you are only allowed to vote when you reach the age of 18.

This is what we thought…

In this lesson, we then looked at other laws that affect us. We discussed the positives and negatives of this law.

Rules and laws

This half term in PSHE, we have been discussing rules and laws. In our circle time today we came up with a list of rules for a range of different things in our daily lives.

We discussed who makes up the rules such as; parents, friends, siblings, the government or even ourselves.