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What charities do…

Continuing their topic of money, year 4 have been discussing what a charity is and what different charities do. After talking about which charities they already know and what they do, the children used the iPads to find out about some more charities in the world and what they do to help.

Different methods of payment

Year 4 Robins have continued their topic on money in PSHE and today have had a discussion about the different methods of payment there are:

We also discussed what you might use each method of payment to buy, for example the children said that you would probably use coins to buy sweets or a drink at the shop.

We then went on to discuss what the risk is of someone borrowing money from the bank and we related this to borrowing something like a bag from someone. The children realised that just like you might never get your bag back, the money might not get given back to the bank.

Looking after money

Year 4 have started discussing money in PSHE and today we were discussing why it is important to keep track of our personal money. We also spoke about what might happen if you didn’t keep a record of how much money you have left and what the disadvantages of this would be.

Risks of smoking

As part of Year 4’s PSHE topic this term the children have been discussing the risks of smoking. During the class discussion we spoke about why people might start smoking, what the risks of smoking can be and also why people might find it difficult to stop.

Why do people smoke?
Kezi: they might think that it looks cool
Evie: people might try smoking just to see what it’s like but then they become addicted
Harry: stress can cause people to smoke because it relaxes them
Niah: peer pressure

Why do people find it difficult to stop smoking?
Sophie: they are not aware of the risks involved with smoking so they choose to carry on
Poppy: they enjoy it
Brooke Ba: becomes a habit for them
Evie: they are addicted to what is inside the cigarettes


In Year 4 we decided that we should have a circle time around friendship. We started off discussing what a friend is and how friends should treat each other. After hearing many lovely answers we then moved on to discussing how friends should not behave towards each other. Many different things were bought up and as a class we agreed with most things that were mentioned. Friendship is something we are working really hard on in Year 4 at the moment and the children have shown that they know how important it is to be a good friend and treat friends in the right way.

Online risks

As part of anti-bullying week Year 4 have been discussing online safety. They watched a number of short clips all based around the adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew. After each clip the class shared their thoughts about what they had just watched. Here are some of their ideas below:


In PSHE today Year 4 focused on the term democracy. We learnt that demos means people and kratos means power or rule. Together this created the word democracy which year 4 discovered means rule by the people.

We started looking at how makes decisions in the UK and how decisions are made. We discussed how when you are 18 or older you are able to vote and can go to a polling station to make your vote. We also talked about MP’s, the priminister and different parties.

The final question I had for year 4 was if you were in charge, what would you change?

We had lots of lovely responses to this question including giving homeless people houses to live in, making sure all of the bins are collected by the bin men and many more.


In PSHE, Year 4 have been looking at Parliament and investigating how laws are made. The children found out all about the UK Parliament and other assemblies in the United Kingdom. They also looked at what role Parliament has in the country as well as the role the Government has.

Class Charter

Near the beginning of Year 4, Robins discussed what class rules are and why we have them. They were able to list many different class rules but we decided to create a set that are personal to our class.

We thought we would share these with you so that you know what we are aiming for in Year 4: