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Fire awareness

Year 4 Robins were joined by the fire service this week, as part of fire awareness. The fire fighters show the children what it would be like to be in a real fire. They talked about what a day as a fire fighter would be like, from saving cats from trees to attending major incidences.

Oscar said ” I though that they were quite clever, because they knew how to put out fires no matter how big or small it is. I learned how quick fire could spread. I never it could spread that fast!”

Ruby said: “I thought the video was a bit terrifying, because in 4 minutes the fire was massive and burning down the house, luckily the fire fighters saved the house. It was funny when they talked on the walkie talkie. The fire fighter on the fire engine said hello to the class.”

Democracy and voting

This week have learnt about how the government works, how they make up the rules for the country and how democracy works. We had a debate about whether we thought it was fair that you are only allowed to vote when you reach the age of 18.

This is what we thought…

In this lesson, we then looked at other laws that affect us. We discussed the positives and negatives of this law.

Rules and laws

This half term in PSHE, we have been discussing rules and laws. In our circle time today we came up with a list of rules for a range of different things in our daily lives.

We discussed who makes up the rules such as; parents, friends, siblings, the government or even ourselves.

Welcome Year 4 Robins!

Today we have been looking at our school rules. We have created some still frames of each school rule to try and show what we think it should look like!

This is what we came up with.

1. Behave calmly and safely in and around school.

2. Share values that make us good citizens.

3. Show respect for everything and everyone.

4. Listen to each other and follow instructions.

5. Work hard and take pride in what you do.

Discussing courage and the Grenfell Tower fire

Our value word this month is courage.

Robins watched the official video and song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which has been produced by Simon Cowell and famous pop stars, to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower.

The children had all heard about the fire on the news and were asked who showed courage (our value word for June) in this terrible tragedy.

Robins thought about other qualities and values that people had shown because they had donated lots of clothes and toys to the survivors who had nothing left at all.

These included caring, love, friendship and hope.

Discussing our value word – Courage

Robins today discussed the meaning of courage and shared their fears with one another:

We shared our views and opinions about whether we should avoid things we are scared of or face our fears. Some of the children shared examples of when they had showed courage:

Daisy – Sleeping in the dark
Sophie M – Jumping from a height into a pit of foam pit
Mohamed – Climbing a fence
Osama – Climbing high bars in P.E. Daring to smell the eggs in our science experiment
Jamie – Sliding down a space bowl at the swimming pool – there was a drop at the end
Tiffanie – Sleeping on the floor abroad. I was worried about bugs!
Riley – Crawling through a simulated cave on a Cub Scout camp last weekend

In partners, the class made up a poem entitled “Almost Nothing Scares Me!”

Cara & Sophie:
We wouldn’t be afraid of a dragon or a murderer
We would fight a Roman or a Celt for free
We wouldn’t run away from a tornado or acid rain
but lifts absolutely petrify us!

What do you need now?

On Wednesday, Robins were asked to think about the Peacemaker questions “What do you need now? and “What do you need to happen next time?”

Children acknowledged that often, just saying sorry doesn’t stop the behaviour happening again or make them feel any better immediately. The children read through Peacemaker’s cards which helped them to identify some of the needs that can arise. After using the cards, one child felt angry and recognised they needed space to calm down, away from another pupil. One girl needed reassurance from another pupil they would not repeat a certain behaviour that had upset her. We talked about how using the cards might help and support us in being able to explain how we feel and what we need as it can often be tricky to know how to manage feelings.

Charity donating

Today, Robins found about charity giving through history. They discovered that charity began about 900 years ago and by the year 2009 there were 160,515 charitable organisations in Britain. The children discussed charitable events they had experienced at school such as Children In Need with Pudsey bear and Red Nose day for Comic Relief.