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Fantasy stories

Apologies for the blurry image

Robins worked really hard in English today. Following lots of work about the story “Mr Morris Lessmore and the Fantastic Flying Books”, they began to write the first paragraph of their own fantasy story.

There was so much to remember to include and concentrate upon! They had to describe the main character, set the scene, use fronted adverbials, include adjectives along with taking pride in their work! Children in Robins are working really hard at the moment to improve their presentation and handwriting. Six children were chosen to explain why they were proud of their work and read it out to the other pupils, whilst the rest of the class then listened carefully to ensure the success criteria had been met!

Reading limericks

During last half term, Year 4 studied a variety of narrative verse in poetry. Today, they enjoyed hearing and reading a variety of limericks to understand their rhythm, pattern and rhyme.

Afterwards, they had a go at composing a class limerick and will be working more on these types of poems in Guided reading.

– There once was a teacher names Jones
– Who quite liked eating dog bones
– The dog became cross
– And annoyed with his boss
– So the pupils suggested try scones!

Listen to our performance “Please Mrs Butler”

This week, Robins have been looking at the poem “Please Mrs Butler” by Allan Ahlberg. Before hearing the poem, the class discussed typical questions and conversations heard in class. Then Robins listened to an audio recording of the poet reading his poem which everyone found very amusing. They discussed how he used tone and expression to portray how the teacher and pupil felt. Additionally, they looked at repetition, rhyme and the layout of the poem.

In pairs, children read the poem to practise their “teacher” and “pupil” voices. They all performed in front of the rest class which was really entertaining. Finally, as a whole class Robins recited the poem. The boys spoke in unison (as the pupil) and the girls spoke in unison (as the teacher, Mrs Butler). We hope you enjoy our recording!

Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps copying my work, Miss.
What shall I do?

Go and sit in the hall, dear.
Go and sit in the sink.
Take your books on the roof, my lamb.
Do whatever you think.

Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps taking my rubber, Miss.
What shall I do?

Keep it in your hand, dear.
Hide it up your vest.
Swallow it if you like, love.
Do what you think best.

Please Mrs Butler
This boy Derek Drew
Keeps calling me rude names, Miss.
What shall I do?

Lock yourself in the cupboard, dear.
Run away to sea.
Do whatever you can, my flower.
But don’t ask me

World Book Week

Daniel and Hanson
Daniel and Hanson

As its World Book Week, Robins and Eagles got together to talk about and read some of their favourite book to each other.

Daniel from Eagles and Hanson from Robins sat next to each other and then realised they both had the same favourite book ‘The Twits by Roald Dahl’.

Stone Age Animals Non Chronological Reports


The Robins have been learning about the Stone Age in Topic and about non chronological reports in literacy. To combine the two, this week the Robins have been working really hard finding out about Stone Age animals in order to write a non chronological report about them.

They’ve been trying really hard and know lots about Stone Age animals. The above photos shows a few of our non chronological reports. Well done Robins!