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Smarties get Smarties!

The smarties in Year 4 have all received some smarties!

Bells Farm are helping raise money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They are eating a tube of Smarties (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!) and then filling the tube with spare change.

All the money collected will go towards helping the hospital make patients, who are hospitalised over Christmas, a little happier in the festive season.

Money will go towards Christmas trees on wards, free TV on Christmas Day as well as free parking for all visitors to the hospital on Christmas day. A worthy cause as it is a time of giving, sharing and being kind to all.

I’m sure the children won’t need much help in finishing the Smarties, but please help them fill their tube with any spare pennies and change.

All tubes can then be brought in to school before they are delivered to the hospital.

Well done all you Year 4 smarties… get eating and filling.

Volcanic eruption

Today Robins watched what a volcanic eruption would be like… well we tried!

Using Ammonium Dichromate we tried to simulate a volcanic eruption.

By heating the bottom of the conical flask we simulated the heat built up inside a volcano. Usually when the Ammonium heats it flares giving a green gas as it ignites. The green gas is nitrogen and can be smelly, but we had glass wool plugging the top of the flask.

We did see some sparks and the chemical reaction did create a lot of smoke in the flask. Unfortunately because the Ammonium did not stay as one lump (it spread out a bit too thinly) it did not create a hugely exciting reaction.
Hopefully the next class to do it will get a better result and we can watch their attempt!

The chemical reaction left the Ammonium Dichromate as charred ash, just as you would see in a volcanic eruption.

We learnt that not all experiments will work first time, and that it is important to watch carefully as some chemical reactions are super fast. We did enjoy it though. It was a little bit like watching miniature fireworks in the flask! Another exciting science lesson in Robins class!

Check In

Year 4 started their day with a “check in”.

This circle time proves to be an excellent way for the children to express their feeling, share their weekend and be ready to start on the demands of the day and week ahead.

We had some lovely words to express our feelings this morning:

Ice-cream in a bag!

In Science, Year 4 Robins have been making their very own ice-cream. They have asked if we can put the instructions on the blog so that they can try it again at home!

What you will need:
• Small bag
• Large bag
• Milk
• Caster sugar
• Ice
• Salt
• Vanilla essence
• Spoon
• Plastic tub

How to make the ice-cream:
1. Crush the ice cubes.

2. Pour 150ml of milk into the small bag and mix with a tablespoon of sugar and a few drops of vanilla essence. Seal the bag properly.

3. Place the small bag inside the large bag and fill it with ice so that the milk is covered.

4. Add 6 tablespoons of salt to the ice and make sure you seal the second bag properly as well.

5. Massage and shake the bag for approximately 5 minutes until your mixture has turned into ice-cream. Your fingers are going to get really cold!

6.Put the ice-cream into the tub, grab your spoon and enjoy!

Effective solvents

This afternoon Robins put on their safety goggles and gloves to complete an investigation.
They were investigating which solvents were the most effective at removing nail varnish.
They had the following solvents:

  • Water
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Ethanol
  • Propanane
  • Bleach
  • Before the investigation, they predicted which one they thought would be th most effective. Which one would you have chosen?

    Each pair were given a tile and the painted 5 lines of nail varnish on them.
    Then with a cotton bud dipped into one of the solvents, they tried to remove the varnish.
    They then recorded their results. Have a look at what they found.

    School Council meeting

    Our school councillors, Megan and Chandler, joined the others for a school council meeting today.
    It was their first meeting of the year.

    They all reintroduced themselves and recapped the aims and objectives.

    Miss Dainter, who is also now on the school council, is going to lead the school being an Eco school. It sounds really good. Some of the school councillors will also be on the Eco team.

    They are still going to keep an eye on litter and are going to ask classes about which charities they might like to support and how they might raise the money.

    Let’s see what they come back with.