Ancient Greece workshop

Today Year 4 enjoyed an afternoon with the ‘Freshwater Theatre Company’.

We went back in time to Ancient Greece and took part in a number of games all based around different aspects of Ancient Greece. We mimed actions for Greek gods, learnt about their many inventions and reinacted a famous Greek myth.

Welcome Year 4 Robins!

Today we have been looking at our school rules. We have created some still frames of each school rule to try and show what we think it should look like!

This is what we came up with.

1. Behave calmly and safely in and around school.

2. Share values that make us good citizens.

3. Show respect for everything and everyone.

4. Listen to each other and follow instructions.

5. Work hard and take pride in what you do.

Discussing our value word – Respect

This morning, Robins discussed the value word for this month. They were asked what “RESPECT” means to them:

Next the children were asked to think of a time when they have shown?

Kaicie – We respected the gurwarah at the Sikh temple when we removed our shoes and covered out heads.
Daisy – I stood up for someone who was being teased for their skin colour.
Krystal / Abdulbari– We respected the teacher by listening and not talking on the Roman trip.
Shayla – I respected my sister’s choice of icecream.
Osama – We are respectful when we show good listening to Mrs Parry.
Emily – I am respectful when I hold the door open.
Mrs Sargant – Saying please and thank you is being respectful.
Christos – We show respect on Nov 11th for soldiers that gave their lives for us in the war.

Discussing courage and the Grenfell Tower fire

Our value word this month is courage.

Robins watched the official video and song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” which has been produced by Simon Cowell and famous pop stars, to raise money for the victims of the Grenfell Tower.

The children had all heard about the fire on the news and were asked who showed courage (our value word for June) in this terrible tragedy.

Robins thought about other qualities and values that people had shown because they had donated lots of clothes and toys to the survivors who had nothing left at all.

These included caring, love, friendship and hope.

Teeth damage experiment

Robins have been excited about the results of our science experiment to find out which liquids cause least damage to eggshells (simulating teeth).

Luckily, due to the fantastic weather, we were able to open the jars outside in the fresh air! Some were rather smelly!

The most damaged egg was by vinegar as it had completely taken away the shell. In fact, the egg was bouncy! We thought about how vinegar is used to pickle food which dates back to the Roman times (our current topic). We remebered how strong vinegar is as we found out on our trip, that Romans used to clean their communal “toilet” sponge using vinegar!

The biggest surprise was that sugar free blackcurrant squash had damaged the eggshell. It has grown a further crusty shell around it and the shell was soft in one area.

The egg in coke had a hard shell but had bady discoloured the shell. It smelt very sweet with such a high sugar content.

The egg that had been in orange juice smelt horrendous and was bady dicoloured although the shell was still hard.

The egg in milk had a hard shell and was in good condition. Similarly, was the egg that had been in water.

We used toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean the eggs and found we could remove the discolouring and build up left on the shell which reminded us of how plaque gathers on teeth.

This experiment confirmed what the dentist had explained to us. Liquids with sugar and acid cause the most damage to our teeth. We concluded that as as result of this experiment, we should avoid these drinks and replace them with water or milk.

Data from charts

Robins have been busy interpreting data from bar charts, pictograms and line graphs. They have enjoyed working with different partners and have showed excellent team skills, working together and supporting one another. Children have also been explaining how they reached their answers to the rest of the class.